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I want to be a caregiver

I want to be a caregiver

Hi. I'm new to this site, and I'm really liking what I see. The warm attitude everyone is showing in the replies is something that I don't see everyday.

I don't consider to be in a specially dark moment in my life (although there are quite a few rough spots for sure), but, browsing through posts, I've found a huge will to support or offer insight to other members.

This idea is not new in my mind, I've been quite a long time reflecting about our need for community, the struggles of living in a lonely society and the damage of our wanky lifestyle in general... I've thought about studying psychology many times, but it hasn't come about for now. I am widely aware of how a person can heal another, just with attention, kind words, genuine acceptance of the other.

One of my biggest interests is shamanism, and its practices have a lot to do with all this. I really think that this is an archetype we are lacking as a society, and that someone truly dedicated to the understanding of reality and our place in it would work wonders in our communities.

My other passion is music. And I also think it's super related to this: an artist opens himself up to create a portrait of different states and moods, while also delivering an emotional message through the music. This message can really touch someone's heart and inspire it, encourage it, nurture it. I've heard it, I've felt it. I can clearly hear songs saying to me "Come on, you are stronger than this" or "Isn't this a lovely evening?" or "You are free, don't let anyone try to control what you are".

So that's it, I'd like to ask anyone concerned about the topic about the actions I can take to be as useful as possible -both inside and outside the site-. Really any advice or comment is welcome! :)

Cheers, I hope you guys are well.

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Hello Iggysheen

Thanks for your inspirational message. What a positive attitude you have, you will be giving so much care just offering this to us all.

The picture is just lovely too, it could help so many.

Our members are always interested and supportive too, so they may have m ore information and answers to your questions.

The songs and inspirational thoughts are all welcome.

Good luck with all you are doing . Keep in touch and tell us more about your plans and what has been happening for you.

Best wishes

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Thanks! It will be very nice to keep in touch and hear everyone's ideas, too.

Have a nice day.


Lovely post, and it touches on many things I also believe in. Quote from your post,

"I am widely aware of how a person can heal another, just with attention, kind words, genuine acceptance of the other."

I truly believe this and I know that it works; just a little bit of genuine human kindness.

Wishing you peace and love and please do keep looking in , reading and replying with your own insights as we all have something unique to offer to the world.

Gemmalouise XXXXX


Lovely post x


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