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I find it difficult on here

Hi, I know I'm new to the site, and some of you have been super kind to me already, and really welcoming and helpful, but I'm just not sure this site is for me. I'm a member of a couple of other healthunlocked forums, and I get on with them great. The truth here is that I'm a worrier, and I tend to take on other peoples worries as well as my own. What I find hard is seeing a really desperate post from someone where it sounds like they are really on the brink, and then they don't come back at all. It has me lying awake worrying about what that person is going through, wondering if they've harmed themselves, or if I've said something to make it worse, or if I could have done something differently.

I'm not meaning to be selfish, but I've really got to look after myself a bit better, I have a lot to deal with without adding to my anxiety. So I'm sorry but I'm not going to stick around. I wish you all lots of luck, and send you healing hugs. Thank you again for your kindness and sorry I'm not strong enough to stay xxx

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Gentle hugs



You need to look after yourself and you know what is best for you. I can understand what you mean about worrying about people. I do as well, in that sometimes it seems that there are so many people in so much pain. All we can do is our best and I always remember that at the end of the day people including myself ultimately have to take care of themselves. It is good for you to recognise that this isn't for you though as you are taking care of yourself and doing what is right for you.

I'm glad that coming on here has helped you and sorry it has made you worry as well. xx


Hi Lipbalmaddict

Please don't feel bad or guilty because the site is not for you. We are all different ,

A site like this will have all different levels of illness.

You cannot take the worries of everyone on your shoulders, you must do what's right

For you. If it upsets you or makes you anxious then that's not good for you .

I wish you well and it's great that you have some sites that suit you.



I completely understand where you're coming from. I also find those posts very upsetting. It takes someone of strong stuff not to get affected by a constant stream of negativity.

Unfortunately, this is a depression forum and the majority of posts are about people feeling depressed. What you will find if you dig a bit deeper though, is that there are posts within posts, where you get a real insight into the personalities of some of the absolutely lovely people here.

I'm sorry you're leaving, but please remember that's there's always a space for you if you decide to pop back.

Take care,

Lucy x


Hi Lucy lovely reply and especially the bit about coming back.

Well how was your day? Hope you enjoyed it and didn't try and do too much.



Hi Hannah! I've just had a lovely little nap and am being naughty cooking chips for my tea! What are you having? X


Lucy sounds lovely I made pasta as I was hungry too. your making me want a few chips now.lol.


That's ok and don't apologise or feel bad in any way, everybody gets support in different places, and if this

site makes you worse instead of better it's obviously not helping you!

It was nice having you, and sorry to see you go...

But you've got to do what's right for you, and that's what you're doing!

Wishing you all the best and take good care of yourself, and thanks for saying goodbye in that lovely and honest

post :)

Lotsa love an best wishes, Holly Xxx

PS and you can always drop in and say hi when you feel like it! :)


I can understand this too. Don't feel bad. You have to take care of you!

Sending you a hug



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