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Hi everyone,

My name is Kirsty and I am an Ambassador here on HealthUnlocked. Our role is to make all users feel welcome, to build a sense of community, to create conversations and calm/resolve any conflicts. We are here to ensure the site is a helpful and useful community for users.

We hope you can engage positively and support one another within the community!


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This is great Kirsty. I have just been watching a programme about a beautfiul young woman who committed suicide through mental health problems. I worry about the young people today feeling so low as they do when they cannot see they are beautiful and precious beings. I don't mean necessarily in the physical sense. I mean that we are all valuable and important. If we can prevent just one person from doing this terrible thing to themselves then I feel the site is worthwhile and it's not just for young people of course. The support on here is amazing. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make people happy but I do my best by replying when I can. Gemmalouise Xxx


It’s heartbreaking what people go through, exactly I agree! It is extremely important that people feel they have support and it’s great that you help too!xxx


Hi KirstyjA, It is lovely to hear from you. Best wishes.

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