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Need some help/ references

Yes my name is Aaron I have a 29 hear old brother that lives with my mom.and dad they are both over 60 year of age and I'm worries me my brother is meantal unstable he yels and screams and mynparrents all the time trought food away dishes and other things.he calls them names is rude and comes up with some of the most off the wall crap its amazing I have recorded video and audio of him and the way he acts and things he says he talked to the tv the toster pretty much any thing that's electronical he thiks a person lives in it he when to the hospital becasue he thinks he has a tooth stuck in his rectum and when they told him he dint he called them liers and stormed out he has called the police station where were live and told the cheif of police he can get arrested for being a fake cop and inpersonating an officer my dad is a robbot that made a fake arme for my mom thats not really my mom and thats just the half of it he thinks Michel Jackson liven in him and he is also. Justen beber I love my brother with all my heart and only want him to get help nothing bad he dont need to be locked up but he needs to be made aware of the world around him god forbid when my parrents do pass from this life he will have no were to live he can't work becuse he is meantly in well my mom got him a job once and he quit because the boss was taking pictures for the landscapping job they were doing and he whent nuts told the guy he new he was setting him up and walked home I can't and wont let him move in with me I have 3 small kids and I've seen firsthand the toll aand strain it has put on my parents if anyone can help me give me numbers for some. One I can talk to for this in would be gratefully

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it sounds like your brother is poorly with schizophrenia. He needs to get mental health help. I can understand why you are worried about him with your parents getting older. I'm sorry, I have read your post but not able to reply in any detail as busy right now, but I would say if they did pass then maybe some kind of supported housing may help him but at 60 they are not old. I am 60 and I consider myself to be still young. XXx


My mom is 68 dad is 66 and when I say old I mean weathered by the mental stress and taxing strength it take to put up with my brother he sins all day and night screams yells go outside at 3 am and starts yelling at no one just last night he told my mom and dad he wished they were dead and it took all I had not to brake his jaw I no its not his fault but some times I wanna homer Simpson him it taxing and I can only take so much so I don't put my self at risk I have epilepsy and have to make sure indont over do it my self I'm going to keep looking for help I can get hime thanks for you help support and guidnces

Sincerly aaron


Hi Aaron 1142 and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about the difficult situation you and your family are in. Has your brother been assessed and received a diagnosis? His GP will be able to refer him to see a psychiatrist and other members of the mental health team. Also, you may wish to contact MIND Charity, who can offer advice and support. mind.org.uk-----MIND is a charity that provides support and empowers anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Their telephone number is 0300 123 3393.

Also, Citizens Advice Bureau can give advice about benefits etc citizensadvice.org.uk and CarersUK.org/helpand advice.

Please stay on this caring forum where you will receive help and support from other members. Are there any other members who could offer any help to Aaron1142, please? Thank you and best wishes.


Thank you and no he has not Ben assessed he refuse to go get help or see any one


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