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Not so understanding

So I was just with one of my friends and she says she understands what I'm going through but when i told her offhandedly about my depression she pushed it off and said, "Oh yeah but it's not real depression right its just a little bit". Because I am who I am I didn't say anything but in my head I was really angry cause what the heck does she know about me. She has had a troubled life but she has told me on multiple occasions that she does not suffer from any mental illnesses because she can use art as an output. Well great for her but thats not how I'm dealing with it. I self harm and I have panic attacks and I think about how easy it would be to kill myself almost 24/7. I wish people wouldn't brush off mental illness like it's annual allergies or something.

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Hi Daisy, Friends are not equipped to handle mental health issues, yours or their own. You need to protect yourself and be wise about who you share it with. Not because it is a bad thing ,but because people don't know what to say so they make light of it or dismiss it. Then you're left feeling rejected. That's one reason these forums are so helpful. Everyone here knows what you are talking about and can offer support, By the way , that anger you're choking on is part of what causes depression. That's not to say you need to yell and get upset . You need to stay calm and relate in a calm manner how you have been offended. It sounds rather la de da , but it will leave you feeling in control and it will let people know they have over stepped . Pam


Hi Daisy2001, and welcome to the forum. Sweetiepye has given a most helpful reply. Please stay on this caring forum to receive support from other members who understand. Also, The Samaritans Freephone 116 123 24 hour helpline 7 days a week provide a listening ear. Are any other forum members able to help Daisy 2001, please? Best wishes.


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