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I Cant stop crying someone please help


I can’t stop crying for no reason tried everything to take my mind of it n nothing’s working I normally go to sleep now but I can’t stop crying everytime I close my eyes, any advice? X

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Is something specific going on?

Nope nothing at all I just have phases where I’m happy a few days then like this for a few days x

Often I find that when I resist a feeling, it lingers. Is it possible to just allow yourself to cry without trying to figure it out, criticise or judge yourself?

For me, I grew up in a household where I wasn't allowed to cry or show anger so I grew up believing these two feelings were inappropriate. Crying removes toxins

If it were me, I think I would wrap my arms around my pillow and allow the freedom to cry.

How long has this been going on for?

Since I was 14 and yes I guess so it’s mainly at night and if someone annoys me during the day I will just cry, it only lasts a few days/ weeks n I’ll be fine again just try to plough through it when I’m like this x

I'm sorry that this has been a problem for that long, Chloeakeroyd3

Thankyou for your help x

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