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I wonder if anyone has any idea about anxiety.

27 and iv never really concidered mysel to have anxiety but a few comments from people at work has made me think otherwise.

Iv always moved quick, i cant just walk somwhere i have to speed walk, whem im doing jobs at work i move quick and get jobs done very fast. I flit from one place to the other. I also in the process of healthy weight gain just for my own self and want to feel better and healthy. I gym and am active, so i lead a healthy lifestyle. Lately i have been very quick to think and act and move around, but again i thought i had always been this way, but comments form good friends think in the past few months they have seen a change, not in a bad way as such i just seem more erratic than normal.

I also suffer from acute silent migraines other wise know as vertigo attacks, so i take prochloperzaine, and they really mellow me out, but do slow me down and this is sometimes a good thing. I also loose weight quick, and wonder is this is connected to anxiety or not?


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Hi Cocolola,

Personally i’ve suffered with anxiety a lot in the past & it doesn’t necessarily sound like you’re suffering from it to me... sounds like you’re just a fast moving person, as long as you feel you are able to rest & relax when you need to?

People can lose weight with anxiety when they’re feeling so panicky they don’t eat as much as they perhaps should. Sounds to me like your weight loss is highly likely to be cos you’re always on the move but if you’re worried you should get it checked with your doctor. As long as you’re happy & healthy that’s the main thing :)

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I agree with previous poster. There is no reason to think you have anxiety as we are all different and some move fast some move slowly. As long as you feel happy and ok in yourself I would not worry about this too much. X


Hi I was always like you when younger (hence the name) but I don't and didn't suffer from anxiety. I always had bags of energy and lived life very fast until I was forced to slow down a lot in middle age. x


Cocolola, If you are worried and don't feel like yourself, it wouldn't hurt to go to the doctor and have a chat. have a look at hyperthyroidism as a line of inquiry. I don't mean to put any ideas in your head, but it is fairly common and the symptoms list does start with anxiety and trouble gaining weight...I am not a doctor so this is just a suggestion. Take Care X


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