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Struggling to deal with everything

The past few months have been sh#t. I started my new job September, had to deal with multiple trips to hospital for my sister, and a cancer scare for my mum. Found I was pregnant November and told I was going to miscarry December. I had surgical management of miscarriage because my body wasn’t letting it go. I am a big gym goer and haven’t been normally for ages from Injury, to being pregnant to having the procedure, I’m only just getting back to normal. I’m back to work. But now I have a laparoscopy on feb 16th and it’s just ruining me.

I’ve gained weight from all of this bs going on, I reduced my lifting because I was pregnant then I stopped because I was so distraught with the miscarriage. Then I had to deal with the surgical removal and the emotional Side of it. I had 4 weeks off of work. Going back was great to feel better, and move on.

Now it feels like I have to go through it all again. I have an eating disprder which brings a lot more crap to the table.

TTheres so much going on and I cant handle it at all. There is no outlet. I just can’t do anything but panic and cry.

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I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. Don't be so hard on yourself things will get better.


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