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Really low, no idea what to do

I'm so depressed at the moment, I keep getting hit with problem after problem and I'm struggeling to cope. I'm on anti-depressants and have been for almost a month now and it's hard to tell if they're even working. I have been abstinent from alcohol for 3 weeks going on 4 and I'm struggeling at the moment not to go out and get a drink to ease my worried and feelings. No ones here to stop me as my husbands at work, I hate feeling that I need someone around all the time to keep me occupied and to stop me from making a huge mistake.

I'm going to go for a walk to take my mind of things but I wish I could just stay home and be happy. I want to be happy again and not worry about my next come down.

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Hello Tilz14, thank you for your post and well done for staying away from alcohol for nearly four weeks. That is very positive and be proud of yourself for this achievement. Try and keep yourself occupied, so that you are not thinking about alcohol. Perhaps you could pursue some interests or hobbies that would give you enjoyment and also help to relax you? Going for a walk is a good idea, as exercise can help to release the feel good endorphins and help improve mood and feelings. You say that you are on antidepressant medication now for about a month, usually by now you could expect to start feeling better in yourself and your depression improving. But if you are not feeling any better in another couple of weeks ,it may be an idea to go back and see your GP who may prescribe you other medication or increase your dosage. Also, it may help you to ask for some counselling as it can really help to talk over problems, feelings and thoughts in confidence and learn new ways of coping with life and with difficulties that you have. Please do try and stay strong now and keep away from alcohol, it may seem to be a solution at the time but it only masks feelings and what is going on internally, and make you feel even worse next day. You have come this far now, which is great and perhaps friends or family may also be able to support and encourage you.Take each day as it comes and just take each step as it comes and I really do hope that you start to feel better soon. Keep posting and let us know how you are.......kindest regards and very best wishes to you.........

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I just recently read on a different post that it helps to determine the time your want for alcohol is the strongest. Then make yourself busy or sleep through that time and congratulate yourself after for resisting the temptation. You should be proud of going on 4 weeks sober!! That is a huge commitment to make, but a good one at that. I agree with MAS_Nurse that if you feel the medicine is not working, go back to your doctor/GP. I had to do that a couple times but I am on the correct meds/dose and it really helps. I hope you feel better and can lift your spirits up a little bit today! But unfortunately we have to be patient because it all takes time 😔 Hang in there!


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