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Loneliness yet not alone

Why do I feel alone when i have so many amazing around me, yet I feel so so alone, a failure and so worried about my future.

I have written a post about what I’m feeling, yet I can’t speak to people about this. I have wished away my 20s, living in the past and missing opportunities around me. I’m in a line relationship 10 years +, live with my parents, work in a job with no prospects and feel contant fear of the future. When I am asked about leaving home or having a family I change the subject, I can’t focus or get a really job to use my skills and my education. I am one huge huge 27 year old mess that can’t sort it’s self out. Does anyone have any advice, I always show a brave face and never look at sites like this for help, but maybe it’s a

Good step.


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Thank you so much for your reply, it makes me feel better that people are looking out for eachother.

I have no reason to feel alone, as i have such a good support network, yet i cant talk to people around me as they dont understand. I have a job, i live at home, i have friends and an amazing boyfriend yet at the age of 27 i still cant get my 'shit' together. I work yet earn very little, i have a degree and so so much experince in working and in life, yet cant seem to get anything. i apply for. It's like i should be living in a flat or away from home, with the person i love, planning for a future. Nobody around me knows my issues, my debt or that way im really feeling, and all i need is advise.

I somtimes wonder when im dirving, what if i just drove off that hill or suddent got struk down by somthing would that be easier? then no that's so so selfsh as the people i would leave behind would be so he hurt and lost. I would never hurt myself or do that, but the thought that it crosses my mind does sometimes scare me, and i think have things really go to this point? and how do i get out.

I think fear is what cripples me, im afraid of everything all the time, and i could be doing somthing more to help myself. I always saw myself in a really good job, working hard and then settling down. The way i can describe it is, being in a cage, like an animal in a zoo, all these people around me walking about doing their lives as they want, yet i am sitting here, with the world at my feet! and i cant get out, im stuck! alway worrying about others feelings. Everyone one i know says im too nice and worry to much about pther people, but if i didnt worry or others or concider my actions then i would be another person in his world who is selfish and thats not me. I have hidden alot from my loved ones, but its gone so far that i dont want to speak the truth, but i want to repair my life and go on as i should be.

This is the fitst time i have ever said how i feel or written how i feel. So i am glad this network is here :) maybe if i can help others it wll help me

People need to stop looking at social media as an inspriation as the vast majorty is so unreal. The people who portray themselves as rich or glamourious, use tools to fool people into feeling intherior. Us on here are the real people, we are the ones who know real feelings and real life.



Hi if you didn't worry about others all the time it doesn't mean you are not a nice person you know. It just means that sometimes you put your own feelings and needs first. We must all do that coz if we don't then no one else is going to are they?

Maybe spending time worrying about others takes your mind away from worrying about yourself? A way of avoiding your issues? x


Hey bud, your situation makes sense to me. It sounds like there is a lot of uncertainty from your perspective with regard to your future, in particular, your career. Does that sound about right?


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