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Just when you think you were feeling better. Curve ball is thrown your way

So i’ve been taking citalopram now for a week and a half and I finally have a smile on my face and feel well happy! Yes happy! So why does that smile turn to a frown when my husband comes home? He asks me how my doctors appointment was, so I tell him we talked about my side affects from the tablets and she reassured me all is normal. So he replies so is that all your going to tell me, then fine. I said well that’s what we talked about. So he replies a 10 second conversation was it? I said well no. What does he expect? Should I have recorded the conversation so I could play it back in full for him?

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Ops he doesn't sound too tactful in trying to get info

It is frustrating that the side effects start before the meds get working, hope there aren't too many curve balls sent your way this winter.


I'm sorry to say but he doesn't sound very empathetic to you and I'm hearing that he is trying to rattle your cage .. This you must not let him do .. Take control Sista .. You answered his questions in a detailed, civilised manner. He is the one with the bee in his bonnet for some reason.

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I usually tell him that I'm not ready to go into details yet because everything is fluid and need time to get it together but he'll be the first person in my life to find out when I'm ready to talk in detail. Then I change the subject. If he gets moody and persistent, I start to resent him.


Thank you everyone for your responses. He’s finding this whole thing hard & I understand that, but if the very few times I feel good seem to get bogged down by the fact he’s finding this hard. All I see and feel is disappointment and annoyance. Does any of this make any sense?


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