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Are all guys really the same?

When you think guys can be nice but turns out their all the same. Like who on earth do you think you are?. You seriously think you deserve to know that much an it's a first time conversion. Besides where did I go wrong or maybe something's wrong with me I've probably fallen short along the way in this road they call life but come on man. You barely even know me, yet you pop the question an I quote "Are you a virgin?". Let's say what if I'm not what you gonna do give me a lecture oh please. I don't understand why guys do this you just start talking to a girl and be asking questions like that. Who do you think you are to find out so much. Some guys have some nerve but not me again yes I'm seriously done. I just can't do this anymore I'm leaving my social life on a low note. Can't believe some guys actually have the nerve and don't even know you for 24 hours yet but still they pop a question like that urgg my life sucks:'( I seriously don't know what to do now maybe I should just stay by myself and I'm done. I never knew dudes were like this but come on man get to know me first then ask a question like that. I'm so stressed. Dudes too darn fast with themselves. :'( 😥 😢

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Hello Charmerbluegirl

Thanks for your message. It sounds as if you have been having some bad experiences with guys.

Perhaps you could tell us how old you are? We have very supportive members of this community, so they may have more information and support for you.

Have you been able to talk this situation through with anyone? Perhaps you could tell us more about how things are for you, and any help or support you have tried?

If things are really difficult you could go to your doctor for more help.

There are guides on mental health issues and help in the pinned posts.

The MIND charity may offer more information mind.org

Do take care and keep in touch


I have yes but I think I'd just lay low for a while I don't think I'd be able to dwell in another relationship well not basically a relationship more like a friendship at this point in time. I'm 18 i've never been in a relationship before and I'm still not in one I just got left behind from a friendship of 9 months and just when I thought I met someone who could take my mind off things they turned out to be just like every other guy I know. An no I haven't talked to anyone about my situation I just post on the site and members usually respond an help me with advise. I'm just really sad and down but thanks for caring I do appreciate it. God bless :) <3


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