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Anxious or just scared?

I wrote on here a few months ago about having some problems at work with some fellow colleagues.. anyway, one of the problems seems to have disappeared and we seem to be getting on a lot better..... but my other co worker who has to cover me when I’m off work seems to have started his little silly vendetta against me again, just because I took 2 weeks off to think about my personal life and where I wanted to go with work, which I have applied for a different role within the company I work for as I want to broaden my skills and learn something new. Anyway, back to the Co worker.. I found out just yesterday that he’s been telling silly tales to the main manager that I’m apparently taking too many breaks to the point that the same manager actually wrote a note to ask where I was (I took a 10 minute break!!) now because of him and that silly note, I’m too scared to leave my desk, I feel scared just to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea! I really don’t know whether I’m coming or going at the moment..

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Hello Nicolaclare01, it certainly sounds a bit difficult at work with this particular colleague. But though it is hard, you must try and not let him see that he is intimidating you and causing you to be so anxious. This can be a form of bullying and harassment. Perhaps for a while write down any breaks you take away from your desk, so that you can show your manager you are just taking your allocated breaks. Avoid getting into conflict or dispute with this colleague. What helped to resolve issues with your other colleague? Would similar strategies help again? Also if things get worse you can speak to your union rep, HR in your company or another manager to get their support. If you remain anxious and worried, you must see your GP and make sure it is documented as stress from work colleague. If this occurs it may help you to make an appointment with Occupational Health if you have this at your work place. Go ahead and make your plans to move to another department when the opportunity arises. Just for now, go carefully with this colleague and document anything he says that sounds like conflict or bullying. Try not to become too stressed, monitor how you are feeling and practice some relaxation techniques. When you have time off from work, make some plans to do something nice so that you have things to look forward to doing. This may help you to avoid thinking of work issues all the time. I hope this helps, do let us know how you are getting on. Can any of our members offer advice to our friend Nicola here,? that would be great, thank you.........very best wishes and good luck to you......


As of tomorrow I’m going to be keeping a diary, I feel this has gone on for long enough, I hate the feeling of dreading going to work, I’ve even thought about quitting and I don’t want to. But I have to have a break because I can’t sit in front of a computer all day without at least one break a day and I do make up the times at the end or next morning as and when needed. I’ve even tried speaking to my mum about it all and I think she believes me, but I need to speak to her properly and explain it all to her. The only person who seems to believe me is my boyfriend and he has been really supportive and has given me lots of advice.


Hello. As long as you're doing your job and keeping that list of your breaks I would think you have nothing to worry about. If you start explaining yourself to people it makes you look guilty. If any one brings your work ethic up refer them to your manager and keep it on a professional level. If your manager brings it up to you reply that you didn't know Mr, so and so was having such a problem and ask if there's anything you can do to help.Pam


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