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Not sure what to put or say, my profile states a bit about me. I struggle with daily life at time especially in the winter. Just testing / feeling what this is about and whether is the right support for me. My past in the last 10 years has had a few counsellors and to be frank my experiences are not great. So in short "Hello" look forward to making contact with people and trying to make things a little more acceptable and easier to deal with, predominately seeking support but also to try and help others as well.

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Welcome .

I have had very bad times in the past , like you , struggled each day . With self help , support on here and understanding friend , good books / audios ( best for me ,were , Dare by Barry mcDough and Claire weeks .

I've learn so much about anxiety over the last 4 years that I am now living a better life and slowly getting back to my old self , I still have things thrown at me that gives me set backs but manage to pick myself up , try not to fear anxiety and except it when it returns , this attitude has helped for episodes to be less frequent .

Lots of people on this site have suffered badly and managed to get their life back on track and others still trying .

Your not alone xx

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Hello Justin , I've had a similar experience and made a recovery thanks to tranquillizers at first, then anti- depressants and therapy. People seem to have the idea that meds. will do the work for you. They are only a tool as is therapy. the hard work comes from us. I went to two awful shrinks before I found one I could communicate with. I also did a lot of reading and most importantly made myself do the things I was afraid to do. My husband was the only person I told what was happening to me and he thought I should snap out of it. So I was basically on my own which pushed me even more to get better.You are very lucky and probably deserving of the support you have. If you have questions , just ask. Pam

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