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Talking Is The Best Medicine

Good afternoon everyone.

I don't know if the title for my post is true for any/everyone else. All I can say, is that talking helps me.

I'm here to connect with anyone and everyone who, like me, finds or would like to find out if real, genuine communication can be therapeutic.

I look forward to meeting one and all.

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One of the best things to help is just having a conversation with someone about anything, everything and nothing.

It is amazing how something said in jest in a conversation could lead to a solution to help.

I was talking one day about how frustrated and angry I felt with myself. I said it was like I wanted to punch myself, but knew that wasn't going to happen. Then out of no where I just said that what I really needed was a punch bag. Well shortly after than I ended up seeing a cheap inflatable punch tower and decided to buy it. It wasn't too expensive so if I burst it it wouldn't matter and if it didn't work it was as if I spent a fortune on it.

I got it set up in the middle of my livingroom, it is light enough to move around when I need to. Anyway I spent many a happy night just going around hitting this punch tower while watching TV or listening to music. I felt calmer doing it and less frustrated.

So even if for silly ideas to help you talking is good.

Also the power of talking can lead to the exchange of stories and laughter which all help to make you feel better.

Take care.


I think you're right, Doctoredtodeath. It fires up the brain. It's happened to me many times. We're not meant to be alone. We're built to communicate and be with others.

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