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Has anyone been on venlafaxine for a year or so and then found it’s not working im on 225 mg a day I’m beginning to feel low again and find myself crying over silly things and feel so hopeless at times


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  • I haven't been on venlafaxine, but I have been on other antidepressants that stopped working after being on them for a while, Prozac being one of them, Cipralex another. I was on both of these medications for a number of years before they stopped working, so I don't think it's unknown for antidepressants to stop working...


  • What happens when that happens though Anna ? I suffer with anxiety and they really don’t help with that at all now but when I suggested this to the Gp she didn’t want to change them just told me to carry on with them for now


  • Maybe see a different g.p.? If they've stopped working after a year - which is certainly possible- then the obvious thing for your g.p. to suggest is a change in medication, in my humble opinion. There are so many of them out there, different types, etc. My g.p.was open to the suggestion that the Cipralex had stopped being effective and prescribed me Sertraline instead. You should insist on a change in medication - it's you that's suffering, not your g.p.! Sadly, a lot of g.p.s don't have much knowledge of mental health problems, not an in-depth knowledge, anyway, as they are not specialists. Have you been offered any therapy for your anxiety? Your g.p. could refer you for some, if you feel that may help?


  • I’m waiting for one to one phone CBT counselling but there is a six month waiting list 🙁 and to be honest I have experienced CBT before and to be honest not a fan of it , I also saw a psychiatrist last year but as soon as I started to talk to him he would just say well that’s done it’s in the past you can’t change it 😳 I don’t know if I’m just being negative or just haven’t found the right type of therapy for me


  • 'It's done, it's in the past, you can't change it'?! That's all well and good, but where was the advice on how to move forward?! There are lots of different therapies out there, not just C.B.T. If you're currently seeing a psychiatrist, they should be able to fast track therapies, surely?


  • He discharged me the end of last year over to talking therapies so had a telephone assessment with them and told them I’m not good in a group situation because my anxiety levels go high but they persuaded me to go to a stress and anxiety group only to find when I got there it was all about CBT 😳 I managed 2 sessions then left


  • I'd say first things first, get your meds sorted..ask about alternative therapies, make sure you're eating well, and fit exercise into your daily really does help, even if it's just a little bit! And make sure to interact with other people daily - talking to others helps a lot, it helps you to escape the hell that is being in your own mind for a bit, takes you out of yourself, plus you'd be amazed at the amount of people who suffer from anxiety and depression...most importantly, take good care of yourself, be kind to yourself..give yourself little treats and plan things to look forward to..all these will go someway to make you feel better.. good luck, and never give up hope!


  • I wouldn’t just stop taking them if I miss a dose the dreams I get are awful ...... well when I went to see the Gp she gave me the impression that I was on the highest dose , do you find they still work for you ?


  • Another thing my Gp led me to believe that I wouldn’t be able to have anything else as that’s the best tablet to treat anxiety and depression 🙁

  • Yes my Gp has actually just left so will have another dr anyway just have to see who they are and how I am when I go to see them I’m not good at talking to strangers 😳

  • It’s easy when someone is not looking at you as in that situation I feel stupid and automatically think that I’m not liked but here i feel if I’m answered I can’t have said anything too stupid or I wouldn’t have got answered , I think I’m a very boring person and face to face I can usually tell when someone has stopped listening after this happening over several years I have chosen to shut down and not talk to people about me and how I feel because of draining them ......,,, have probably said more to you in the last few posts than I have said to anyone in years


  • Hi Cales, l was on venlafaxine for well over a year and found it didn't do much for my anxiety and depression either. Was changed to Cymbalta (duloxatine) but had bad side effects on that ...chronic diarrhoea for weeks!! Saw another psychiatrist who put me on Escitalopram and so far not too bad, altho feel pretty shattered most days. Everyone's different and reacts differently to these drugs. Hope you have more luck with your new GP def need to try something else if the venlafaxine isn't working for you. Wishing you the very best of luck xx😙

  • Thank you and will check in at some point and let you know ... hope your doing ok

    Cakes xx

  • Yes good luck with new doctor, I am looking at alternatives now, diet everything, my anxiety lessens, when I do mediation etc, there's a great app, called headspace, and another called a Calm, I was referred fir CBT, but had to pay myself, the therapist actually said it wasn't the best so we are looking at REMD, which I am trying tomorrow, will let you all know.

  • What is REMD ? If you don’t mind me asking


  • Rapid eye desensitisation movement, x

  • Hi! I am taking venlafaxine my dose is 300mgs daily. I find myself down some days. I've tried other anti depressants & they were not helping me.

  • I suppose we have to help ourselves as well it’s just that when I first started taking them it was amazing but now it’s changed and I’m having a lot of down days


  • Hi Cales,

    Having been on just about all the SSRI's available till about 10 years ago, my then GP put me on Venlafaxine. I have still struggled with recurrent bouts of depression, anxiety and what I now know was periods of hypomania.

    Recently, 10 weeks ago, the decision was taken to get me off Venlafaxine - we believe it was also causing a Lupus like syndrome and exacerbating hypomanic episodes. After 4 weeks I was down from 150mg to 0mg, the next 3 weeks were pure hell and the past 3 weeks have seen improvements in withdrawal symptoms but also in clarity and strength of mind. I have also been using Dr Steve Ilardi's Therapeutic Lifestyle Change which involves high doses Omega 3, exercise, healthy sleep, bright light, social connection & engaging activity. (The social connection is particularly difficult for me though!)

    I have come to the conclusion that life with depression is Hard and for me personally I don't believe there is a pill that will 'cure' me or make my life any easier than what can be done by helping myself - I have had to accept that depression is a factor of my life and one that won't be fobbed off with medication (I've been trying for 25 years). However, depression does teach us life lessons that not everyone will experience and gives us a deeper strength than anyone would ever believe.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that anti-depressants shouldn't be used, they have in the past helped, and, to a greater extent kept me alive and got me to where I am now.

    Whatever you do, do it with medical supervision, know that you are not alone and on the dark days just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, moment by moment... this too will pass... brighter times are ahead.


  • What a lovely reply thank you ..... I have admit I’m more than a little worried about withdrawal as if I miss a dose I suffer awful dreams , I also have come to realise that there isn’t a magic pill out there that will take all these feelings away so it comes down finding other ways to help myself , I’m sure i will find a way and I will take your advice and come off venlafaxin with Gp supervision


  • Great reply, I accepted my depression a long time ago, but am finding the anxiety so different. I refuse medication, since a bad reaction in 1993, definitely day by day, thank you so much x

  • Hi Cales , think you need to go back to gp I am on them but I found they caused me to have panic attacks which I hadn’t had for years .. for eg I’m nervous at take off on a plane and really don’t feel at ease at all , but normally cope , just recently I was having panic attack on plane and really thought I was going to start screaming that I wanted off the plane , luckily the breathing techniques helped .. I spoke to gp and she has taken me off them at moment I’m coping with nothing till I see her again ... I was on fluxotine before that and they stopped working and was put on the other ones it’s all trial and error I think .. good luck 😜

  • Well I did try to talk to Gp but suggested I carry on with them for a while longer ....... did you come off gradually ? Only I find if I miss a dose I have some very weird dreams some scary 😳 so I am dreading the withdrawal symptoms I’m likely to get xx

  • To be honest I kept forgetting the odd one and then realised hadn’t taken any for a month so noticed I was bit tearful and thought I’d better start them again but only took two in total over two days and had all the panic attacks on both days so stopped them again and nothing since so I definitely think it was down to them I’m trying to see how I get on without them .. no tears yet but if I do I will need to see gp about something else .. I used to have bad dreams too !! Xx

  • Ok well thanks for that I hope you carry on getting on ok without getting too many withdrawal symptoms 😊

  • I’ve been great , hope you get it sorted xx

  • So do I I hate feeling like a mess xx

  • I know you feel so stupid crying at silly things but keep an eye on it and go back see another gp if need be ... are you feeling really low ?? If so don’t leave it get seen ASAP ... you will know yourself how you feel but sometimes I got ratty as I call it ( short fused) which is definitely out of character for me ... take care hope you feel better soon xx

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