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Possible help for anxiety and depression

Hi all,

I posted a number of months ago asking for some advice for my son. He was doing so poorly and I was at my wits end after 18 months of constant health issues. Since then, we have weaned him off Prozac successfully. We saw an environmental doctor who tested my son for a variety of things. It turned out the he had high numbers for Epstein Barr Virus (the chronic strain) and high lead numbers as well as other heavy metals.

We have now made major changes to his diet (as well as for the rest of the family). We juice cucumbers, celery, apples and ginger every morning. 20 oz per person on an empty stomach. In the afternoons, we alternate two smoothies. One is a blended smoothie of spinach, apple, ginger, coconut oil, almonds and water. The other is a mix of frozen wild blueberries and fresh strawberries. Otherwise, he consumes no sugar, gluten, or dairy. Bathing in baking soda daily.

Since we have started this new protocol, all of his health issues have pretty much gone away. Stomach cramps, vomiting, flu like symptoms, lethargy, foggy thinking, inability to focus, insomnia, apathy, lack of appetite, desire to be alone along with the constant anxiety and depression.

I realize we are all different beings with different health issues but I throw my experience out there for your consideration. The traditional physicians didn't test my son for these issues. It was a doctor who thinks outside of the box. In addition to my son's improvement, my husband has lost 15 pounds, his chronic acid reflux has disappeared, and he is feeling much better. My daughter' sleep has improved dramatically. As for me, my energy has improved as has my mood. This new diet protocol is helping each of us where we have issues.

Please let me know if you have any questions as I'm really excited about this miraculous healing.

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I remember reading about your son and how over whelmed you were. I am so happy for your family, I imagine you are getting your lives back together. I want to thank you for posting your success and giving people hope. So often when people get better we never hear from them again. May you continue on your journey to health and keep us updated. Pam


Hi, This is great news. I reduced the amount of refinded sugar and processed foods that I eat. I don't eat bread or pasta unless it is a treat. I have increased my fluid intake and very rarely drink any caffenitated drinks. Since I did this I have lasy 2.5 stone in weight and have noticed a different in my skin condition and my overall health. So I am a great believer in trying a change in your nutrition to see if it helps.

I also diffuse essential oils which I find very helpful as well.

So glad your whole family has benefited from the changes you have made and it is great you all did this together as I know some families just end up with one person on the special diet and everyone else eating what they normally ate. This shows that everyone can benefit from changing to healthier eating.

Take care.


Hello Kc645

I am so pleased that you have found a 'diet' that suits the whole family and your son's health issues have pretty much gone away.

I am very interested in nutrition and would like to know full details of the 'diet' you have adopted. I have had ME/CFS for over 20 years - the Epstein Barr virus can be implicated.

Please could you PM me and let me know full details of the juicing and smoothies and any other details about foods you can/cannot eat. Or you can reply here.

Thank you so much and I wish you well,

Lottie x


Thanks for your post

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