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Frick It

I'm so close to leaving this website. A counselor from the suicide hotline sent me here, and I regret even coming here. I can't even express myself in the worst times on here, and it's even worse trying to get ahold of a hotline and all they do is send you an app to download that has "breathing exercises." Um I'm sorry but I didn't come there for help w breathing, I came because I was on the verge of death. I hate my life and I hate this website sometimes. Ok I'm done w my rant.

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we know how hard it is to express what we are feeling - we all have been there especially when we are in a dark place. don't worry about how you say things just write whatever you want. people on this website will support each other in whatever way we can because we have all been there. People might suggest breathing exercises if they have found them helpful but its not all we do!

As breathing exercises obviously aren't your thing what else have you tried so far that has worked to make you feel better? sometimes thinking back to past times we have felt this bad and remembering what helped us then is useful.


don't know if this post will help - its about what helped me when I was really struggling with concerns that I would 'do something stupid'

I never really found help lines or hotlines much use - too impersonal for me -

I'm not a great fan of breathing exercises either - used to totally freak me out - breathing was something I did without thinking and focusing on it just made it really difficult to actually breathe! However, I do find meditation and the discipline/ability to distinguish between myself and my thoughts really useful.


Hey Minileah,

Don't give up! You are just short of finding a better way that works for you. If forums are not your thing, if breathing exercises doesn't cut it and hotlines feel too impersonal, then those are not for you. Great job for trying and giving it a go, that's already more than a lot of people out there have the courage or energy for. It shows that you are trying to save yourself, which I applaud you for and hope you find continued strength to do. I know some of the advice you hear on here are repetitive....see a doctor, talk to family, take meds, change meds, do meditation and book a time with a counsellor. Well, I guess these things are frequent for a reason, they DO help and they are the best and most tried working methods to help us along the way. But to be honest, you have to find your own way too, no matter what it is that takes you through a bad day and keeps you above the water. Run around naked in the moonlight in a too-too holding a trout....if it works, you should do it.

Sometimes we are stuck in situations we cannot control. Sometimes we are stuck with people we cannot control or exclude from our lives. There are as many variants of mental health issues as there are solutions and people. it is not easy to find the right way, straight away! No matter how hopeless things may seem now, they will inevitably change, this is the only sure thing in the universe. Time will move on and things will change. You can accelerate that by certain actions, but they will change nonetheless. The world needs you, there are people in your future that will need you and love you. You will look back at this and use the experience for good. You may be writing a comment on a forum like I am today, knowing that things can be made better and there is always hope even in the darkest of times. Death is never the answer, life is the answer and change is the answer. Looking back and knowing you made it, now that is worth fighting for! Big Hugs Xx


Heya, I'm here if you ever wanna talk :) I know how irritating and useless "helpful" things can be, don't give up tho, ok?


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