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So many questions!

I've just got home from an appointment with the primary mental health team.

We, (I) talked for 2 hours, he cameback with a 'probable' diagnosis of Cyclothymia.. I have been cataloguing my moods and for a few years and came to a probable diagnosis of Bipolar ll, I've found that sleep is always an enemy of mine, so are all of my moods.. they're always tipping the scales, always too much of one, never just right.. I've been told that sometimes my delusions can teeter on the edge of psychotic.

I'm on a waiting list to see the same psychiatrist who told me to work on my marriage (which has ended, and I have two children and we live with my mum.) and completely dismissed that I had anything apart from depression since the age of 12 (I'm 28 now) so I've been suffering for a very long time, trying up to 12 different antidepressants and very frequent trips to the GP with the same sleep complaint at least twice a month..

Anyway, Hi, if anyone could give me advice or help me make sense of the whole thing, it would really be appreciated! Thank you!

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Hello - thank goodness for your doctor. I've just Wikipedia it and see it's like a lower form of bipolar if that makes sense. It would be easy to misdiagnose if no account taken of the heightened mood episodes. Hopefully your psychiatrist will be better with you now. This condition needs to be treated differently than straight depression so once on right meds then hoping you get the benefit.


I hope the psychiatrist does better this time round, but I'd be thinking about seeing if there was another one you could see. I hope he apologies to you for it taking this long to get a correct diagnosis for you.

I wish you all the best for the future, now you know hopefully you can get better help and be more able to target what you need to do to become happier and healthier.

Take care.


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