I am seeing my mental health doctor tomorrow I need some advice I been keeping I child hold secret that went on for five years the last few days I have gone back to cutting my self that what I used to do when problem was happening so what wondering is better to tell her when I see her our just keep to my self has I am afraid it's going to do me more harm once I say it out loud for first time

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  • Lynsey

    Talk to your Mental Health Practioner the reason you have been cutting and what happened those years before. You will find they will listen and not judge. To be able to trust will lead to you moving on and getting on with Your Life


  • Whatever your secret is - the doctor will have heard it before from someone else - I'm saying this to reassure you that doctor will deal with you with compassion and confidentiality. It's going to be really tough just telling them. But it's best if they know so the right help can finally be given to you. If you want you can privately message me to talk. I've heard all sorts of things in my life and am a good listener. If you want to simply offload as practice for tomorrow just do that. Equally you don't have to - remember things happened to you as a child. You are now an adult. You can deal with it differently now with support. Talking is hard but it's not reliving. The pain you felt was in the past even if you still feel it now - you can't be hurt like that again. You are incredibly strong and brave. You will overcome.

  • You need to be totally honest with your counsellor otherwise she can't help you as much as she needs to. Tell her please. x

  • Hi Lynseyhot, do tell your doctor the reasons for your self harm and what has happened in the past. These things are never easy but when they know the full situation, the right help can be given to you, as other members have said. As MelonBerry123 suggested, you may like to write it down and give it to the doctor. Many people find this way is easier for them. All the very best for tomorrow. Let us know how your appointment goes.

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