Im so mixed up.lately im on a backward slide as i got really stressed as my mum was taken in to hospital with fluid on her lungs ! I Really started to worry about her to the point i made my self ill ! Im back to being afraid to sleep then im really irritable the next day to the point were i feel like i want to leave work ! Im keeping in touch with the hospital and they seem quite hopeful that she will get better ! I just always seem to expect the worst and everyone around me tell me things are fine so why cant i relax about her ! I pray for her daily and hope shes around for a long time yet ! Thank you in advance for being there for me since i came on the group god bless you all ! David

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  • Hi,

    You sound like a very loving and responsible daughter. Try to step back from the situation, knowing you have done any and everything you could for your mom. She knows that inside of her. Now is the time to take care of yourself, which I am sure your mom wants for you, too. It sounds like your mom is on the mend. Embrace that fact and know she will soon come out of the hospital and be home where there is peace and quiet.

    Maybe you could spend a night or two with her. That would do you both good !

    I do not know if you are religious or not, but you can see for yourself how your

    burden has been lightened. Everything will be OK.

    I understand your anxiety because I am an only child who had to watch over

    My mother, also. Now take care and goto bed knowing everything is going

    to be just fine.



    PS - Where are you writing from ( where do you live ? ). Just wondering ! ( = : \>

  • Hi annie my name is david and i live in east kilbride ,scotland ! Thank you for your comments ! Ive had problems worrying about everyone around me since i had my brain anueryums last year and find it hard to change i wish i could as its ruling at the moment ! Ive got a appointment with my phyciatrist next month so hope he can help me hes been good so far as hes changed my medication and increased my others ! Fingers crossed and good luck to you ! God bless david x

  • David it is always a worry when a parent is ill. Your mum is in the right place to get the help she needs . It sounds hopeful that they feel she can recover and no matter what we are all on here to support you. Try and take care of yourself as best as you can; the uncertainty and the worry is quite natural so just be aware that you need extra support at the moment, which is what we are here for.

    Gemma :)

  • Thanks gemma im grateful for your reply ! I do appreciate all the help I get on here ! There are times when you need or want advice from outside your usual friends and family ! Regards my mum ive always worried about her health she gives me into trouble and telling me to start looking after myself first ! Thxs again gemma for your help david x

  • Hi David, everyone will always try to say everything will be ok, but it will never change the fear of the ‘what if’s’ that we all have. How is your mum feeling about being in hospital? Is there a particular carer that she likes to talk to there, if so you might find it good to talk to them personally to put your mind at ease that she is being well looked after.

    But please remember to look after your self first! she will tell straight away when you looks so tied and I know you wouldn’t want to worry her as well xx. You need to get a good nights sleep, so if that’s impossible, speak to your doctor and let them give you something to take the edge off the stress.

    Take care and lots of hugs to you at this difficult time xxxx

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