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Advice For A Friend With Depression


My friend self-harms and most likely has depression but I have no idea what to do to help her. I don't know how serious it is because I've only recently found out. She says no one can help her and sometimes she wishes she was dead. I want to tell a professional but she's asked me not to tell anyone and I don't want to break her trust. Another thing is she dismisses it whenever I try to bring it up saying I can't help! I don't know what to do because she's only 13.

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It's obvious your friend needs professional help. Self harm is a serious and unhealthy coping mechanism. She needs to know that there is help available no matter her condition or situation. Medication and therapy can change her life dramatically.

I thought about telling a professional but I wasn't sure; thank you for helping me make a decision.


If She is cutting He Parents have a duty of care so should know about it.

How old are you

Please tell her parents. She obviously needs help if she is harming herself. I understand you not wanting to break her trust but if something awful was to happen, you could be left wishing you'd said something. She might be upset at first but in the long run she will thank you for being a caring friend in helping her get the help she clearly needs. Good luck, please keep us updated with how things work out.


I hope u spoke to someone about this. Self harm happens when someone can't cope with emotional pain. Please try to speak with your friend. There is no shame in self harming- it's a way of defending herself. You've been a great friend as you are trying to help her. She's very young and needs help and support. She needs someone who she can talk to about her feelings without judgement. Be there for her but make sure you look after own mental health too. Life is stressful for a teen and often adults forget that.

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