Changes in mood

I'm new here. I've been having quite a bit of difficulty trying to balance my moods. Sometimes I'm full of lots of creative ideas and plan to try and do as much possible (to the point where I'm exhausted), and then there are days/ weeks when I feel as though I can't do anything and feel really low and have difficulty sleeping. I just wondered if anyone had any advice?

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  • Hello & welcome Adami to this community. It is good that you have posted here. I am sure our members will be able to share their experiences with you. This is a supportive community. Also have a look at the posts & topics on the right hand side of the home page. Best wishes.

  • Welcome Adami

    Have you tried Relaxation Techniques. Try Mindfulness, there are explanations on the web.

    That may help you control your mood. Also slow deep breathing can also help


  • Thanks Bob.

    I haven't tried mindfulness yet but will definitely try giving it ago and hopefully it will help.

  • That is great, We are here for you if needed


  • Sometimes you have to just roll with how you feel. I find it counterproductive to feed the desire to do nothing 😔 Even a walk around the block can help, small simple goals

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