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Sick of being sick

Morning dear sufferers. Sorry to hear you're all struggling. I have Psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, bi-polar, severe depression, anxiety, very bad memory, and headaches, I had the TVT mesh which has caused me to catheteris, if my fibro and arthritis is real bad I'm unable to leave home due to having to stay on my bed as I'm unable to catheterise in the bathroom due to pain in my joints. I'm a single mum to 2 boys, my youngest has health issues and now unable to go to school so I'm his carer 24/7. Life sucks but I tell myself shit happens you just have to get on and deal with it..... I wish I could give you all a big hug and a gift of 1 day at least pain free.

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Hi no wonder you are sick of being sick! How would you like to be helped, what is the main priority? I am sending you a hug back and wish it could be more.

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Approach your GP Diem

He will know your Medical History and if not already arrange for you to see A Rhumi and they can try and control your condition with medications and treatment. If you Have PsA that is affecting your skin you can be given light treatment and helped with the application of ointments etc.

Talk to your GP and see if He can arrange a nurse to visit and help you with your medical needs because of your hands etc.

I suffer PsA and they can help you with various forms of assistance, they could send down a Therapist who can look around the house and make various adaptations to help you bathe, dress, cook etc

Talk to your GP,

You could also try talking or visiting the web site of PAPAA, they can assist you in understanding your condition and also send some very interesting Brochures on various treatments etc



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