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A symptomatic AF and alcohol

I have ongoing atrial fibrillation which is asymptomatic and my medication is Verapamil 120mg and Ramipril 1.25mg and Warfarin. I had an AF ablation 7 months ago which has cured the flutter but not the AF. My Verapamil daily dosage has been reduced from 250mg to 120mg without any side effects.

My problem is that as I am asymptomatic is it ok to drink a glass of wine daily or to abstain all together? Does anybody else have this problem or have been advised by their cardiologist relating to this matter, Any views would be greatly appreciated.

I had an echocardiogram a month ago and am awaiting results shortly relating to my LV function.

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When it comes to drink I had words with my GP and an agreement was reached.

Personally I am not sure, looking at what you are taking and the treatment you are having it would seem you may be asked to restrain from drink.

For certain conditions a glass of Red Wine gets a good write up. Talk to your GP and try and negotiate a sensible level if any


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Hi alexliam, I would suggest you ask your GP for advice regarding drinking alcohol while you are taking this medication. Good luck with your test results. Best wishes.


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