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Hi I have bi polar was diagnosed at a young age and been dealing with ups and downs mainly ups I just joined the group and got this website from the book bi polar for dummies its a good book anyways I just want to say the main thing in my life right now is to stay focused and healthy bi polar is no fun if anyone wants or has advice for me or needs advice let me know Thank you

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

There is only so much you can learn from books. Staying connected with like minded people is so much better.


Hello - there were two posts yesterday about bipolar. Can you have a look and respond to them if there is any advice you can give. Thanks for joining up.

DMM218Ambassador in reply to DMM218

The second post is from a newly diagnosed richierich. He was struggling.



Welcome to our site, Bi-Polar.

How can we help you, What sort of treatments are they giving you to get by ?


Wolverinechick7 in reply to Hidden

I see my doctor regularly and on my meds everyday sometime soon going into therapy to talk I've learned over the years that hold ing in all the thoughts drive to manic episodes and that when tragic things happen like a loved one passes away it really affects me but God has a plan and I think have me this illness to teach others about life and how much we should enjoy it

And that alchol and drugs make it worse when your on the meds I never did drugs thank God but drank it alters your mind and its like the devil takes over

Sarah1111111Ambassador in reply to Wolverinechick7

I'm with you on that, (alcohol not drugs) tried it out at the weekend, really didn't help matters!

Great to see you found our site, everyone gives amazing support when you need it. Look forward to getting to know you

Hi Wolverinechick7, Welcome to the forum. Do stay connected to the forum for advice and support. Best wishes.

Hey, I've just signed up & im really glad I've seen your post.

I'm so torn about seeing a councillor or therapist because I worry as I have a son, and I'm quite sure I have bipolar.

I've always had ups and downs in my life but until I was about fourteen I was on a constant high. Some days I'd be so happy just at the fact of being alive. Then over the course of about six years or so I had a train of events that led to an equally intense low. I spent two years being told i had severe depression, and then found myself lost in drug addiction. After that the highs and lows weren't stable over periods of time, I could wake in the morning and literally feel a bubble of euphoria in my chest, then drop a spoon in the kitchen as I was making coffee and instantly feel as though I wanted to smash the entire room up; but then that feeling would drain from me and It's like the life got sucked out of me. I'd honestly feel like i couldn't see the point in being alive. All in the space of ten minutes. Have you ever experienced this?

I have experienced a lot but the real question is that you need to be there for Your son and to be healthy and realize God gave you your son and maybe you should seek help to much of high is not Good I'm not a doctor but Would recommend to get a friend or family member you trust to help you see a doctor if you ever need to talk just speak up holding emotions in is not always Good to try

Sarah1111111Ambassador in reply to Searching123

Definitely worth chatting to someone medical, either GP or therapist as it sounds like you would like support.

Having bi polar or any other MH diagnosis does not effect how they see you as a mother. If you a good mother, which I'm sure you are, there is really no reason to worry. If anything it shows you are a good mum and might even help your son in the long run because you are showing him it's ok to be not ok and ask for help. That's an important life lesson.

Changing moods could be a couple of different things, or just tiredness/ life events catching up with you. Whatever is the underlying cause thee are things you can do to help. Best to go and have a chat and Get suggestions that can help from a professional but some sites have ideas you can try while you wait for an appointment.. Some people on this site find meds work, some DBT or CBT, some counselling. Meditation many find helpful too. The are lots of options you will find something.

Hi there hope thing are getting better for you

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