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Am I Abnormal Girl ?

helo . i am stressed depressed i want happiness a normal life .. thing is i think i am abnormal i feels like my mind is getting heavy .. i want normal life .. i am 17 years old. no single day passed when my parents didnt fight ..and abused each other .my mother is not so perfect .. i am dipressed with why my parents fight .. iwamt happy family ..my many mornings start by not alarm buf with my parents fight .. i was always pressurised .. compared by my younger cousin sister now she ia married . if i focus on something .. i cant see anything. .. people remind me ..where i am.. i am depressed by career .. pressure ... i dont know how to make up .. if i ask for buying new cloths i have to ask mother and she say ask to your father .. then i ask father he saya your school fee books everything home bill and everything aak your mother for this ... bcz of this i dont ask them for money .. i know i have to cry to them .. i cant have make up accessories .. i shout .. bcZ my parents destroyed my character .. i dont know how to take cares of me ... how to tackle reasponisibilities .. only there is god but ... live is difficult .. at my age girl knows how to do make up how to do different hairstyles .. how to talk to someone new .. how to behave with guest ..but my parents makes me feel emberresed of myself ... i have lkts tension of my career .. i have dreams .. my mom she doesnt care dad .. now i should .. but .. problems again .. today i was just thinking what if i die .. i want someone who could guide me .. make me perfect ... i wish .. but .. i think m abnormal .. and i am in depression .. i need help .. in my cousins m emberresed of i cant do amything on my own .. remember the joke my friends group at school that my husband will have to have a caretaker for me hahaha .. and they laugh ..i remember this joke still .. i cant talk to any real person from my circle .. i am abused by my mother .. this kills myself .. my innerself .. my parents abuse each other .. this killimg my mentaility and me .. what to do .. writting this post with hope !

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Hi Jenny_uppal, your post breaks my heart. I can't imagine what you are going through. Are there any relatives or adults you could talk to. Maybe a counselor at school. Your situation needs to change soon because it's taking a toll on you for sure. You are precious and have a whole life ahead of you. There is so much in store for you. Are you able to talk to your parents about there fighting? Maybe think about living with friends or other relatives? Not sure what else to suggest. Dont ever allow anyone to make you feel less than special. You are a diamond!


Hello Jenny

You are old enough to go and make an appointment to see your GP make an appointment a double on and explain what is going on as this must be breaking your heart.

You could also try CHILDLINE their number is in the telephone book/Internet

Let us know how you get on



Hey girl, you aren't abnormal what so ever! But the situation you are in is. You have the right to live in a happy environment. Thinking of you. ❤️


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