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Anxious about life

Hi I'm husky mum, I'm currently off work with anxiety and depression, I've suffered for years, but you just try your best to get on with it. I'm a nurse and a few things have happened recently which have made me realise I'm not coping as well as I think, I had been off medication but have now started on escitalopram but it's not working yet, it's been 4 weeks. I'm so tired of constantly feeling anxious and fearful. I don't go out I have horrendous social anxiety, I kept going to work and doing my job and no one knew how I was feeling, it's only when you take the mask off at the end of the day you realise just how ill you are, I need to be well, I have a family, and patients who depend on me but I'm so low, I hate the fact that I can't cope with things which are normal to others, I had a car accident that wasn't my fault but it was the last straw I've just gone to pieces, I'm anxious when the phone rings or the post comes, I have such a feeling of impending doom, does anyone else have irrational fears of normal things, I don't mean phobias just normal day to day activities they struggle to do? Anyone else on escitalopram? Thank you x

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Hello Welcome

You will find many here who are suffering the way you are and they will help and give support.

Sad to say the NHS is in a state at this time and I suppose that will not be helping.

Your Car Accident will have upset you as well and it must have been hard for you to deal with this incident.

If you have suffered Social Anxiety and depression before above that will have made matters worse, although I do not know how serious your accident was.

You will be soon feeling the benefit of your medication although it may be a good idea to have words with your GP and see if help from a course of CBT may do you some good so you can talk out your fears and concerns. Mental health of course can make us feel tired and your concentration, and Anxiety will be made worse and that needs sorting and a CPN may be able to get down to the route cause and explain coping techniques, Addressing any concerns you may have. Try Mindfulness and Breathing Techniques, when you feel a little better look forward toward Diversion Techniques to take your mind of what has caused you grief.

You could try going for a walk at lunchtime and partake in sport activities such as swimming the latter seemed to work for me and I would imagine the two in the picture will love long walks. Our Dog loves walks and long walks on the beach. Have you tried mushing your dogs with a club associated with Husky pulling sledges on wheels, I know little of that activity although I would imagine it will give you and your Dogs a lift

We are here to give support when needed, take care



Thank you so much for your reply, I know you're right with what you say. I'm hoping when I get my anxiety under control I can get back to doing the things I love, like running with my dogs, at the moment it's a struggle just walking with them, but I do it for them and I do feel better once I've been. I've been referred for CBT and I've had a referral for a psychiatrist to review my anxiety medication as this has been going on for years, nothing really gets on top of it, I'm worried about not being at work as I know that will put additional strain on our team, but as my friend said I need to be well, I guess I'm expecting too much too soon, my car got hit by a coach while I was stationary, I wasn't hurt but I think it's was the final straw, thank you again for replying take care x

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Good Luck with all that is going on, look on your illness that you will improve and will move on soon. I was suffering the same way and now I have been able to move on, even though I still get very low sometimes.

I made life changes and it has opened many doors I never thought to open in the past.

Take care, we are always around to help if needed



Hi @Huskymum i have irrational fears also. Its so horrible because you know deep down how silly the fears are but they feel so real. I am also off work due to anxiety


Good Morning Huskymum, your dogs look lovely - aren't they just such wonderful companions ! We coud learn a lot of lessons from dogs about life. I can empathise with you as I have always suffered what I would describe as 'general anxiety' and, like you, worked in the emergency services. I was also a line manager, who at one point had several members of staff off with depression (not caused by me, I hasten to add !!). I hope you are getting appropriate support from your own line manager - that's really important. You should not feel under pressure to return to work until you are ready to do so. Focus on yourself - that might sound selfish but your health and well-being is paramount. Take small steps. I have found (late in life unfortunately) that my worries are usually innaccurate - the things we worry about tend not to happen. Finding the right medication that works for you may be a process of trial and error but persistence will pay dividends. Take care of yourself.


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