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Back to reality

Back to reality

caught down inside me

I step out the door

to brighter skies below

only to have my feet drop

off into nothing;

such deep purple velvet

pulls me in an embrace

as sweet as lost memory

as harsh as those winters.

Growing up I remember

the taste of the snow

like stars with no light

like playing rochambeau

lost in a daydream

I fear I forgot

what's most present to me

brought back to reality

like a heart stopped mid beat.

Falling hard I crunch

on a bed of eggshells

bridged over a crevasse,

can I find purchase

on this slippery ground

or will I slide further

'till none of me is found?

Lift me up with fire

from scaly winged angels,

bring me into your embrace

like soft glowing embers

made suddenly brighter

by a whispering breeze...

Back to reality.

What can I find

when all light is black?

I can find hope in a heartbeat,

happiness in sound,

strength woven through fabric,

firm feet on the ground.

Back to reality.


2 Replies

Beautiful, you're been lifted by writing this. Blessings, hope and warmth. Take care and keep writing.


Beautiful words, feel as though I am there. You paint a beautiful picture with your words, thank you,


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