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Past relationships


After I broke up from my boyfriend I said I couldn't think because I haven't got a brain so I just kept walking and walking like a zombie my eyes felt like I couldn't see but yet I could. If that makes sense.

I hand reader told me once I'm gonna end up fat tensed n confused 😕 n anxiousnot in those words this women walked in to the room and looked like that. But what does a hand reader know if you know something then you can avoid it if you can see these words on ur hand then shouldn't they be able to predict the lottery numbers.

So many people in this world that wana ruin life's for the sake of making money its sickeningor to make themselves feel good by making others miserable.

Some positive thoughts welcome.

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Firstly we all have a brain it's just getting into the habit of using it

As for hand reading there is nothing on your hand that bears any relationship to who you are or what will or has already happened so forget that one

My advice is make a decision to be the kind of person that encourages others that gets a buzz out of being there for others and recieving from others people will try to spread misery and sadness to be like them break the mold and be different be happy ☺️

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