Does anyone have tremors?

Hi how are you all? Its been a while since I was on here. I've been suffering with depression, scared to go out of the house and took a tremor in my right arm and hand about 6 weeks ago then last week the tremor started in my left hand and arm. The shaking has been constant since thursday cant even hold a cup then yesterday I woke up to my legs feeling really weak and by 5 o'clock I was walking bit weird and then today my legs are exactly like my arms shaky and trembling. Walking is awful I'm all over the place. Does anyone with fibromyalgia suffer with tremors? Doc referred me to a neurologist as soon as the tremor started so I'm now waiting for an MRI scan. I'm scared and worrying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hugs to all

kitty x

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  • I don't know anything about this, but I didn't want to read and run. It sounds awful. Do you know how long you'll have to wait for the MRI? X

  • Hi lucy no I don't know how long but I'm going to ask doc tomorrow. Hopefully I can talk to him over the phone. The thought of walking through the waiting room and everybody staring at me I don't think I could cope with x

  • Hi Sorry to hear your feeling so scared. I can't help with the tremors. Would they

    Be caused by anxiety or even medication. It's hard to know as I don't know your

    Age or medical background. Are you getting help for your Depression. Take care

    And I hope you get to the bottom of it.


  • Hi hannah. Been on the same medication for quite some time now. Started on antidepressants I think nearly two months ago. Hoping its something as simple as anxiety. I'm 42. Thank you for your support x

  • Hi kitty. I can't really give you any advice, but wanted to let you know I was sending you lots of virtual hugs. Hope you get the MRI soon.


  • Thank you so much themys xx

  • Hi kitty, It sounds like anxiety to me, I have had similar symptoms, but I'm no GP so get it checked asap. Can somebody go with you to your surgery... Hope your scan is clear. Keep posting on here ;-)

  • Hi forwardheadlast

    was it anxiety with yourself? I'm bit worse today my my head is wobbling over the place and legs bit worse. Am trying to stay calm not easy though. I called the doctor on call yesterday and my reply was "you'll be fine till monday to see your gp." Couldn't believe it. I just needed peace of mind and now that am not feeling too good today either my head feels like its full of pressure i don't want to call back. thank you for your reply xx

  • Hi Kitty

    You said you cannot go out of the house - what's that about, do you mean you suffer from agoraphobia or feel too weak to go out, or is there another reason. It must make you anxious to feel you cannot go out, how on earth do you manage?

    Anxiety can cause tremors as can the trapped nerves that often accompany fibromyalgia. Do not assume anything serious if you feel ok in yourself. Tremors and weakness can of course be serious but they can also result from many non-serious things. I had some similar symptoms a while ago, my GPO did not refer me for the MRI scan and the symptoms disappeared over time. I would rather have had a scan but didn't realise it would detect minor nerve damage so didn't ask for it, wish I had and if I get the symptoms again I will.

    Have you looked on the fibromyalgia link page on the health unlocked website? People there will support you and may have some good advice.


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