Update from seeing my Doctor

Hello everyone,

I recently posted in this forum regarding my depression and anxiety. As stated before I planned to speak to my doctor on the matter and look into regaining access to my medication and/or counselling.

I went to speak to my doctor yesterday (12/06) and spoke about how I've been feeling, the things in life which have impacted my depression and that due to my line of work and dealing with bereavements everyday I get more depressive each day.

He's noted to try counselling first and gave me the contact details for a place to go to. I've contacted them and they'll get back to me in the next two weeks. He's said to do the counselling first and if it doesn't help I should go back onto medication and possibility a different kind from before or a higher dosage.

I'm feeling some what positive with this information although felt two weeks was a long waiting time, but I understand others will be in front of me seeking help. I am taking each day as it comes and trying to think positive. When I am out of work I am making sure to not focus on issues at work and hoping with this it'll let me get better :)

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  • Well done for going to see the doctor as it's not easy. Two weeks is not very long especially in some places it's 6 months or more to see and NHS counsellor. Hold on til then.

  • That's good that you are understanding of others and taking each day as it comes. Are you coping with each day that comes??? You seem to be focusing on other things to cope. l know the struggles and it doesn't matter how long. You gonna have to fight the queue!!, sad but that's how Nhs is now. Best of luck😘 xx

  • Hell Kermit, I don't mind waiting and trying to be as positive as possible with the help I currently get from friends. I hope the counselling helps me out.

  • Hi Tonage its great to hear that you have gone to see your DR and he has given you contact details for a therapist. Two weeks isn't long at all that is pretty quick tbh I had to wait almost 3 months to see a therapist, I have also known of some people to wait 18 months or more. Anyway I hope you at ok and well done for getting the courage to go and seek the help. Take care and good luck with your therapy.

  • Thanks Nessie,

    I agree now from what people say, it isn't long and just happy to be getting the help I need.

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