Never Satisfied

Never Satisfied

I recently read a post from else where which said "I am fed up with my life. I feel that I am never satisfied with the way my life has turned out and that I am living someone else's life." and I thought it was probably something I wrote! Why am I never ever satisfied? Why does others grass always seem greener? Why do I constantly feel overwhelmed by all that there is to do on a journey that will offer no satisfaction even if I could get to the end of it (which in reality i never will).

Why do I also have materialistic yearnings when I am not materialistic (well i don't believe I am!) knowing in my head and my heart that there is no happiness or satisfaction to be had if I Why is good enough never enough?

I feel overwhelmed by the raging debate that plays out constantly in my head between the perceived need/desire for more/better/something else and my rational adult self that tells me that this is an illusion and just a state of mind. It is not the real reality.

On an on this argument plays out. It exhausts me to the point where I can't think or do and fuels my depression and anxiety which have been constant companions all my adult life (more than 30 years at least!). I say fuels although it could equally be the other way round.

Anyway, getting to the point. I've been on antidepressants now for 15 years plus and had more counselling than you can throw a CBT manual at. I'm still seeing a counsellor now and have been weekly for the past 10 months or so.

If I am honest Counselling only helps me better understand the why. Neither medication or counselling offers any glimmer of hope that I will ever enjoy peace of mind and satisfaction (the thing I crave the most...a quiet mind).

I honestly have everything I need right here right now and I just want to know how to accept that fact as reality.

Hope my message resonates with others and someone out there has any guidance that goes beyond CBT and Mindfulness. which despite my best efforts trying them hasn't worked as yet.

Thanks for Listening.


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  • I don't have any advice (sorry!!) but I feel like you just wrote a description of my mind word for word and better than I ever could have. You are not alone... I am interested to see what other users have to say.

    L x

  • I'm sorry I cannot offer any help either but you described my life as well. I'm 55 and have been on medication and therapy for 22 years. It is exhausting and people tell me that I'm strong. I'm TIRED. I have tried all of the skills you mentioned. Know that you are not alone and that I do understand how you feel. I hope some better days are in front of you.

  • Yes tired. It wears you out I agree. I'm a similar age and recently turned 50. People tell me I'm strong too. That they rely on me especially when things are tough. That does't help :) Anyway, thanks to you and Lx91 for the kind words. It does help to know you are not alone.

  • Sorry that noone has replied with any helpful advice!! I guess the only thing to do is carry on... I'm 25 and already tired of my emotions, so I guess you are strong for making it so far in one piece!!!

    L x

  • Thanks. I have become philosophical over the years though and I'm not sure there is any advice to give. I look for a "cure", as it were, but in reality I would probably be better learning to come to terms with life as it is :)

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