A Glimpse of Happiness

So I have met this guy that has started affecting me in a big way. When I talked to him all of my sadness melts away and all I can do is laugh and smile. He says he has started to have strong feelings for me but I'm scared. I really like him to and enjoy doing things with him but I don't know if it's too soon. If my depression and anxiety will eventually catch up with me and ruin things. On the other hand I don't know if I should let the chance pass? Any advice?

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  • I think it may be wise to look at the joy this relationship is bringing you. Keep seeing any friends/family so you have a 'life' outside the relationship. If you feel you can handle the new relationship then go for it and enjoy the happy days.

    I took a big risk three years ago with a new relationship and we had a ball! fun and laughter most of the time. (Sadly he had a heart complaint and I nursed him at home till he passed away) . I would not have missed it for the World and would do it all again tomorrow.

  • Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to seek out my happiness instead of watching it pass me by.

  • theres no really to soon. but we do sometimes do things for the wrong reasons.

    i am a wise old man. how do i know that! becouse Buddha says its a wise man that knows he is a fool.

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