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I Don't See The Point Anymore


Literally, my life is meaningless no one would even care if I died I self harm that helps sort of but I just keep thinking would anyone care if I died my friends are worried about me and one of them saw my cuts!!

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hey, you probably don't see it but of course people would care if you died. you said your friends are worried about you, wouldn't they care? if you killed yourself it would affect so so many people, even people you don't know. trust me. don't give into the nasty thoughts you're thinking because they're not true. keep fighting. you got this. <3

Charlotte, You are looking from inside depression, I am looking from the outside. We are looking at the same person and seeing different things. You are seeing pointlessness and I am seeing possibilities. Depression is a liar, it skews reality, you must not accept that version of yourself. Of course I care about you. You are a fellow human as valuable as any, You deserve to have a life. See a Doctor , a therapist , and start giving yourself the chance you deserve. Pam, who cares.

The only important thing is that you care. Please care

Your life does have meaning the mere fact that you are here means you have a purpose. I care if you died and I don't know you but I care if you died. I am sure there are many people who care if you died. You are worthy of all the good the world has to offer and your life has so much meaning.

Are you on any depression medication Charlotte?


My depression was a lot worse before I began anti depression medication Charlotte. Has your GP not suggested antidepressants?

I know it's not the ideal solution but it got me out of the crippling depression. Saw things in more perspective.

No I haven't seen a gp I don't need 1

A feeling of emptiness, meaningless of life can be a sign of depression or/and other mental conditions:


Charlotte, do you have any family near by? I was feeling like you for a very long time up til about 2 months ago. I caved in and went to my GP and was honest. I hate doctors and don't trust them - but - she put me on anti depressants. After about 4 to 6 weeks I did feel a lot brighter. Please go and see your GP, but - please choose a female one. They are a lot more compassionate from my own experience. You can't continue like this. In the meantime, make yourself go outside your home and take a short walk; I know that's difficult - I had agoraphobia as well but I forced myself to go out for 5 minutes at a time. Put dark glasses on, and wear headphones, so nobody can 'see' you. I am presuming you don't go to work, but if you do, you're doing really well. You aren't alone with your illness, millions of people suffer with bad depression. It is an illness and it's crippling. Take care of yourself x

I don't have depression, if I had depression I would be able to feel something

Feelings of emptiness—a lack of meaning or purpose—are experienced by most people at some point in life. However, chronic feelings of emptiness, feelings of emotional numbness or despair, and similar experiences may be symptomatic of other mental health concerns, such as depression, anhedonia, or schizophrenia.21 Jan 2016

Therapy for Feeling Empty, Chronic Feelings of Emptiness


Hi Charlotte, I care about you, and I wish I could be there to give you a hug in person. Please talk to someone, anyone, your life is not meaningless. Of course people would care if you were no longer around. Andrea

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Hello Charlotte,

I'm sorry for how you are feeling.

You say you don't have depression. Do you know why you self harm?

Are you looking to see a doctor about how you are feeling?

Can you talk to a friend about how you feel?

I would encourage you to see your GP. You may be offered talking therapy or medication or both. How do you feel about these things? Have you considered them?

You must stay here! Life can change so quickly, ending it is not the answer. People care about you, you have friends.

I hope you feel a little brighter soon, best wishes 💗

I could never explain to anyone what goes on in my head it's just a labyrinth leading to oblivion

I understand but wouldn't exploring the labyrinth help?

No the labyrinth leads to nothing.

I feel Empty Inside -3 Fixes for Feeling Nothing



What has caused you to self harm. ? What are your reasons ??

if your cuts are bad pop along to the A and E and have your cuts looked at !!!!. Or go to your Doctors Surgery and see a nurse, they will attend, you could also phone NHS Health Information Line Tel 111. Explain there they will attend

You need to address the reasons for your actions, start by going to see your GP. As long as you are sixteen you are able to make your own appointments and see the Doctor on your own. Some Surgeries like mine have a page on their Surgery Website that deals with teenage problems, you can access an appointment there, or how to make an appointment in some other way. You can also just walk in and make that appointment.


Come on now girl ! We all care op if you died ! We may not know you personally but isn't it nice to think even complete strangers like this great granny would care if I heard such sad news? So what, you tried to hurt and punish your own body ? Why not live it and paint your nails instead? Have a nice bath of shower and put in some nice pongy stuff ! Do your toe nails bright pink or yellow and show the, off ! Come on now ! Every life has a meaning ! Yours means you are just letting some unknown blighters have an ffect on you ! Get your friend to give you a gift of nice smelly skin cream ! Atta girl ! X


What are you doing at the moment? College, University, in work, out of work?

I am pretty sure your life is not meaningless. Why would your life be meaningless?

The way you are feeling, which is negative, at the moment, is tricking you in to thinking these negative thoughts.

How long have you been feeling this way? How long have you self harmed?

I'm sure one of the paths in your labyrinth leads to light, it's just a matter of finding it.

How are you feeling now Charlotte?

Best wishes 💗

I fell like 💩

Charlotte you are ignoring the fact that how you are feeling IS depression, a part of depression. Why?

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