Anxiety, breakup, lonely, blaming myself, isolated, trapped and lost


I am new to this! I think I am suffering from depression and anxiety. My job was not pleasing me, it just made me feel undervalued. So I went out and got a new one, but when I found out my relationship started to breakdown.

Someone I have been with for several years and trusted so much. We did everything together and have many good memories. She broke the trust and ever since she has tried to keep her distance from me. The harder I try to fix things and talk to her , the more damage I seem to be causing. She still tells me she loves me and cant imagine life without me. These mixed emotions though are not helping either of us , and it is making me more sad in the process.

As a result I am blaming myself all the time for things, which is not fair to me. As I have been a good partner, obviously I have my faults, and I think other things have taken there tole on the relationship. It scares me going into a new environment alone, without her by my side for support.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know your thoughts.

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  • Hello, You sound like a smart guy I think you know the answer you are looking for. Sometimes relationships just run their course. Do you think this might be what has happened to yours ? I don't think it does any good to attach blame to either of you. She does seem to be sending you mixed messages. Perhaps she is trying to break off gradually . You need to talk to her and ask her to be honest about her feelings. Stay strong in yourself. Pam

  • Hi Pam, thank you. I think it has run its course but it's difficult to accept and cope with. I need to stay strong!

  • I know, staying strong is the right thing, but sometimes I want some whine and some wine,Pam

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