Can I take Inositol with Venlafaxine? And, can I take Pregnenolone also with these drugs?

If anybody can help please do.........

Booblet xxx

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  • Hello, I'm glad you asked such an important question. Most of us aren't qualified to answer that. I would ask my pharmacist or my gp and obtain information I could count on. You could also talk to the office nurse at your Doctors. Please let us know if you're successful. Pam

  • Hi Pam,

    Than-you for your reply.

  • Your GP Should have worked out if this cocktail will be ok, only He will be able to advise in this case. Follow your GP advise, if you feel bad phone your Surgery


  • Hi Bob,

    I will, as Pam suggest too..follow this up with my GP. I hope you are well today?? Regards Booblet

  • All well here, and you BOB

  • I have never heard of inositol, this is what wikipedia has to say about it,

    Large doses of inositol have been studied for treatment of depression: the evidence is insufficient to determine whether inositol treatment can reduce depression symptoms, but no evidence of harm or negative side effects is seen.[21]

    Inositol is effective in reducing adverse neonatal outcomes in preterm babies who either have or are at a risk of developing respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).[22]

    Inositol is considered a safe and effective treatment for PCOS. It works by increasing insulin sensitivity, which helps to improve ovarian function and reduce hyperandrogenism.[23] It is also shown to reduce risk of metabolic disease.[24]

    Interestingly it also said this:

    At the 1936 meeting of the American Chemical Society, professor Edward Bartow of the University of Iowa presented a commercially viable means of extracting large amounts of inositol from the phytic acid naturally present in waste corn. As a possible use for the chemical, he suggested 'inositol nitrate' as a more stable alternative to nitroglycerin.[17] Today, inositol nitrate is used to gelatinize nitrocellulose, thus can be found in many modern explosives and solid rocket propellants.[18],

    and this:

    When plants are exposed to increasing concentrations of road salt, the plant cells become dysfunctional and undergo apoptosis, leading to an inhibition of growth in plants. Inositol pretreatment could reverse the effects of salt on plants.[19][20],

    Pregnenolone is a steroid.

    I take venlafaxine as efexor. My advice is to gather up all that you are taking including supplements etc and go and see a pharmacist. They will have much more knowledge of drug interactions than doctors. Or if you are in the uk, arrange a med review with your doctors or psychiatrist.

  • Hi,

    Thank-you so much for your reply - it is very impressive and helpful. Regards....Booblet

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