All my life I have battled with my weight. My earliest pictures of me was of a plump baby. My mum gave me a slimming drink to have as lunch when I was 12. This didn't stop my weight reaching almost 20 stone. I am now around 14 stone and at 51 I am fitter than I have ever been. I cycle and regularly run. In the last year I have changed shape, going down to a size 14 jean size. I used to be a size 22. As you can imagine I am pleased. I can't believe that I can run 5k (without collapsing) I have signed up for the race for life, 10k . Also the Great South Run, 10 miles. I am also cutting back on my Venlafaxine. I have cut down my evening dose to alternate days.

All good progress so why do I want to gorge myself? All this exercise is hard work and takes up so much time so why do I want to sabotage all my hard work?

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  • addictions dont give up..they will always be there waiting for you to weaken ..dont you just hate them.

  • Have you ever had your thyroid tested? You could go to your GP and ask / demand thyroid blood tests. If you take a look at the Thyroid section on here, it's a very busy and informed site. You need to ask you doctor to check TSH, FT4 AND FT3, the last one they don't usually bother with. Doctors and even specialists don't know much about the thyroid, hence the thyroid section on here is so busy. I've got hypothyroid (low thyroid), diagnosed in 1981, and have recently had to lower my medication on request of my GP. My stomach has blown up and my shape has changed, got rounder. Good luck

  • Hi trachet

    Congratulations, you've achieved a great deal. We all have tempting thoughts and that is just what they are thoughts! you won't give in now, you're a winner!


  • i done think well done and "pleased" seem quite adequate but never the less I'm going to say very well done.

    Why do you want to gorge yourself ? Who knows ? Life would be so much easier if we could control our minds with a simple instruction like " stop telling me to gorge myself". Even more so when depressed if we could control the negative thoughts that keep entering our minds.

    Anyway, well done again and make sure you cut back on the venlafaxine in consultation with your GP.


  • That should have read ".....seem quite inadequate...." as you probably guessed.

  • Food fulfills so many of our needs , not just hunger. It could represent love, or comfort, entertainment, many different things What stands out to me is that you achieve success and then sabotage yourself. I wonder if you are afraid of being successful. What do you think will happen?

  • Hya trachet Why do you feel guilty? You have a good routine if you open it up and look at it all. Ppl in a good place for themselves go to work then perhaps the gym then home for tea and might then take the dog for a walk and after, have a glass of wine and a snack x if you are using the food as a medal sort of for doing well but scared you'll put it back on n be classed as a failure if you loose control, eat things what you can enjoy with out the guilt trip. Buy yourself a tub of strawberry that are all yours later on if you want them all. I do it with ice pops x stop blaming yourself for doing good and sticking to it. It's brilliant, I can't do it lolx

  • I think what you have achieved already and gone through is amazing. Unfortunately it is one of those things that are so hard to avoid, it's not like recreational drugs BUT food can still give you that same high and addicting nature, it is a comfort and makes you feel good when you have it. Don't give up please even on your down days because you know you can do it, because you've done so much already. Have you thought about replacements or distractions for when you're feeling hungry? Something to do with your hands and mouth instead, even chewing ice and gum, freezing juice or fruit etc xx

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