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Very depressed


I am new here and without going on about my very long history, I have been depressed for all my life. My husband, who has stood by me for a long time may have changed his mind now and I really do not know what I will do without him. It is very hard for people who have had a reasonable (what ever that is) life can understand when someone has been very badly damaged. I used to think that I could rise above the depression but it keeps on thumping me when I least expect it and bringing me down.

I just feel very lost. Sioban.

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Hello Sioban, it goes without saying that we all of us on this forum feel deeply sympathetic for anyone suffering depression. I take it when you say you have had depression all your life you mean you have suffered from spells of depression for most of your presumably adult life, possibly starting in your teens. When depressed few if any can rise above it without help.

I take you have seen your GP when ever a spell of depression strikes . Usually they can prescribe medication that helps somewhat and given time can usually improve your medication to give maximum help. That's what happens to me and usually for a few months I feel nothing is improving but I console my self with the thought that while I'm not improving I might have been worse without it. Who knows ? At least I know I've done something positive and taken steps to get medication which I presume is helping. Personally I've never found therapy much help but again I rationalise this into maybe the therapist is not a good one, or its the wrong sort of therapy.

In other words I keep hope alive in both therapy and medication despite the knowledge that the medical profession do not yet know enough to give me what I and all of us want which is a pill or therapy giving instant relief from depression.

That plus regular healthy eating , healthy sleep habits, exercise ,preferably in the open air keeping up social contacts with friends and family, have got me to a fairly old age through about 40 years of depressive spells. What else can you do?

I do hope your husband will continue to stand by you as the support of a partner , my wife in my case was a big factor at times in my battles with depression.

What else can I add except sympathy and wish you a speedy recovery , continuing life with your husband, and that a spell of happiness is just around the corner.


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Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I was at rock bottom but, once again, I now feel ready (ish) to face the world.

Sioban xx


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