I m confused in everything

Hi my self simran i just wanted to share some things with u and take ur opinion

I m very confused person in evrything like my carrer, my personal relationships etc. I m not focused person and i m also very scared abt my future and carrer path also now thess days my boyfriend also not talking with me very much i dnt knw why and also every man wants to me that xxx pls suggest me what can i do i m going mad these days whats wrong with me pls help me dear

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  • Hi good to meet you. As you have posted on a depression site I presume you are suffering from this or think you might be. If you haven't already your first port of call is to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis and help. Can you do this? I don't know what country you are from.

    Meanwhile stay in here as we will support and help you all we can. We all understand depression here.

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