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Hi, I'm JD51, I'm new to this site, but not to stress, anxiety or depression. I've been on medication for this problem for many many years. I have just been diagnosed with right bundle branch block (rbbb), which my GP, thinks is linked to the medication, so I've been advised to stop taking them. I'm just wondering if this site could help me?

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  • Hello JD51, welcome to this site. I must admit I had to search wikipedia for what rbbb is, and it is a heart condition right? This must be difficult enough to have, but you also have to give up your meds! Were your meds helping with the anxiety and depression? Can they be replaced with other that are safe to take?

    One of the things I have found with depression and anxiety, is that once you have been diagnosed with a physical problem your mind ruminates and ruminates on it all the time. I am on the waiting list for two ops at the moment and if I let it my depressive, negative side will take over your mind and occupy it. I have to be really tough and strict with myself when I find myself doing this. I appoint a time each day when I will worry, usually for 30 mins about 3:30pm. If I find worry thoughts sneaking into my head, I tell them that I will deal with them at 3:30 but until then I have other things to do. This may sound absolutely barking but it works for me, usually at 3:30 I worry, realise that there is nothing I can do about the situation and at 4:00 have a nice cup of tea. It means that for 23.5 hours a day I work hard at not worrying.

    Has your GP tapered your dose of meds or told you to stop immediately? I think meds wise you need to discuss this with your GP.

    But do not despair, this forum is here, it's very welcoming and is a place to vent, rage, laugh, ask questions, and share how you are feeling.

    Take care,


  • Hi Fi, thanks for your reply, yes my GP said I should taper them off, 1 every other day for 2 wks, then 1 twice a wk for 2wks, then 1 a wk for 2 wks. Yes they have helped, but I've been on then now for about 6 years, although I have cut the dosage in half.

  • Coming of medications and having to counter an illness caused possibly by the medication you take can be hard.

    Are you scheduled for any type of operation for your heart or is it only just drugs that have caused the problem ??

    My condition to do with my Short Term Memory issues could have been caused by a Viral Meningitis or the pain medications I need to take, it took my GP and Specialists two years to find a new pathway, then further tests when they thought I was suffering a Dementia, thankfully it is just my Short Term Memory and now I feel I control the worst of my problem.

    There is no reason why this site could not help, your Mental Health may be a little down in the dumps, so coping techniques may help you taking your concerns into some form of context. You say you have had Mental Health problems for quite a while, so hopefully this site can give you support and help you through difficult times

    I welcome you to this site


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