Relieved a bit

I'd got into the habit of automatically clicking to read posts etc and found slight changes that meant I was clicking into the Anxiety and Depression forum instead of the Depression forum. Did n't like that format at all and somewhat relieved to find that I can still click into the depression site , just have to read more carefully where I'm clicking. As a result of my dislike of the A and D forum I spent a bit of time searching for other forums (fora) most of which I did n't like hence my relief to refind this one.

I note we now have a new company running the site and just as a personal note I hope that does n't mean the current site format will change.


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  • Please see my other comment Lilaclil. The change only happened last night and communication will be sent out to all forum users by HealthUnlocked. If you have any queries please contact me directly. Thanks.

  • Hi, I didn't know that posts could end up anywhere on the net, if not locked!

    I'm not sure I even know how to do that. Thanks for that info. Plus agree with you, would have been nice to have an introductory and explanatory post from new site operator.

    Cheers, Catherine.

  • Thank you, most helpful.

    Kind regards, catmag.

  • I don't know how to lock posts either but I'm not greatly concerned if my replies appear elsewhere although if they stopped others replying because of lack of security that would be a concern.

    A bigger concern is that a few others along with me have noticed changes to the site with not a word of explanation which i would have thought was a very serious oversight on a forum dealing with depression. In fact more than an oversight, potentially downright irresponsible.


  • like Catmag i didnt know my messages/replies could end up anywhere on the net, if they are not locked .

    Wished I had been given some clear helpful information or some warning . Some messages can be sensitive/confidential .

    How come some newcomers to the Shaw Mind Foundation are allowed to stay anonymous ? What do they have to hide ?

    So does the HU forum still exist ?

    How do I know I am answering someone's post from England/ UK or from any country on the other end of the world , because my reply might be useless because things are totally different in the USA, Africa, Australia , Europe ., etc....

    I dont get any satisfaction wasting my time in that case.

  • Hi.

    Recently I have been a bit confused when reading some posts. Your post has clarified part of that for me, so thank you.

    However, I'm still a little confused with the names. Is this site what was: Action on Depression?

    Any help gratefully received.

    Kind regards, Catherine.

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