being impatient with bipolar

Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm not sure where to start so I'll follow the guidelines. I've got bipolar disorder and I'm having a maniac episode at the moment. I'm taking Aripiprazole and it seems to work so far (earlier I took Olanzapine as well). I'm exercising regularly (biking and martial arts), I recently started meditating. I used to have issues with alcohol so I quit it (today is day 26 without booze). Those things seem to help me so far with the bipolar but there are times when I still struggle with my anxiety. I'm a very impatient person although people see me as patient. My question is how do you cope with anxiety and how do you stay patient? I understand that healing takes time but I'm afraid my mania turned into some sort of self healing mania. Thanks for your replies in advance!


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