Still suffer

Thought I would write on here as I haven't been on here for a while. My depression seems to be ok and I have met a new partner which we have been together for 5 months now. Don't get me wrong I still get my down days. I do think alot about my past as my soon to be ex husband was very verbal,controlling,emotional,metal and sometimes physical abuse. Will I ever get over that?

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  • Yes , time is a fantastic healer but needs patience. Hopefully your new partner will keep nearly all the days brighter for you.


  • Yes he is very understanding but sometimes he says it's the past let it go and I find that very hard x

  • i was abused by my 23 year old ex boyfriend its been two months since i split with him and i still think about it alot of the time and i do get scared but your new partner may find it difficult to see how upset you get over your past its not easy to get over it at all but you have to think towards the future

  • I don't ruminate on past hurts or injustices, but I don't forget them either. I never put myself in the position where that person can hurt me again although they are probably not aware of it.

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