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hi having been signed off for thethird Tim since may last year,I'm feeling so isolated weak for not being able to handle the job or lunch club,it was that I was afraid of getting told off as lunch club staff always seemed to get moaned at for something and I found that I was getting told off pr mpaned at a lit and i was feeling all alone thinking no one else would do lunch club but I feel so isolated afraid and bored and week,I just want a job I will love doing and genuinely enjoy.i wish I could go bsck to the othersite but have been refuses loads this site caused me nothing but trouble

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  • Hi annymonous

    Sorry you're having a hard time & pressure when at work, and having to be signed off work!

    Can I ask about the site you mentioned is that a site where you work or have worked?

    Being signed off is frustrating, but if you are not able to cope with due to circumstances that are occurring at work! Are they still paying you full pay, sorry hope you don't you mind me asking?

    I was eventually medically retired from my job 9 years ago as the way work were treating me & they stopped paying me, despite them telling I wasn't well enough to be at work when I actually felt fine!

    Do you think maybe you should be looking for a change? As it sounds like this job causes you a lot of emotional pain & distress!!

    Good Luck with whatever you decide to do!

    Warm Wishes & Blessings spykey🤗

  • hi thankyou the thing is I love working with children and this is the third tome I have been signed off.basically when I first started there was one site and the next year they opened tho new site ,I explained I wanted to be on the first site where I had been all.year as was settled ,o really liked iy and they asked me just to try the new site so I did than afterwards I went back and said I've tried it I don't like it,they wouldn't let me go back which is when I started drinking mis using alcohol as couldn't cope with the change off the new site as I didn't like it I felt isolated from other co workers who I used to role model from and tho site is in the middle of no where 30 mins walking from my house,no shops around it at all,I'm not sure if there still paying me because previously I waa the apprentice.the first time I got signed off was cause I ovrdosed xthe second time manager waa rude,third time I had been struggling for weeks it seems so stressful new staff,my hours changed 11-6 so I would wake up feeling even more anxious till eleven and wasn't explained to me but I would be doing lunch club everyday hoovering getting everything done by one and than afternoon cafe.i know it sounds silly but for me the Tim scale of lunch club is so stressful and the children are sp loud.they are expecting Ofsted so are getting very stressed and big changes .i miss not working,wish i had been brave enough to carry on not have got signed off,but I was wishing I had hurt myself badly so didn't have to wake up each day to face work.I'm now very bored isolated lovely no purpose to get up.for but the last few weeks I have been crying every. Morning secretly wishing anything would happen to.me so I didn't have to go in and feeling very very anxious.

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