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Hi everyone,I've been of work for a long time with depression and back problems and I feel so empty and lonely not taking part in life anymore.I used to be so social and sporty and now in my early 50s it feel like my body is getting ready to go back to dust.And I have fibromyalgia which is a menace in it self.Does anyone else have that empty ,hollow feeling about their lives..thanks for any replies.x

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  • Isolation makes us feel empty and hollow .. We, therefore, need to fill our days with things that give us pleasure. I know this is easier said than done. I've been there but I have come out the other side and once again living the kind of life I want. I no longer listen to nor see the darkness as it has no place anymore. It hung over me long enough and stopped me from fulfilling my potential. I manage my physical pain by changing my thoughts about it. I regularly exercise (Pilate's) which has strengthened not only my physical strength but also mental health .. Again this is easier said than done. It takes hard wotk , self discipline and consistency to work through the sludge and slime .. You have come to the right place for support.

  • Hello Topbanana, you've certainly been landed with a couple of problems in that depression and back problems seem to be two of the conditions that the medics can't instantly do anything for, Fibromyalgia I know little about.

    Most of us on this site know that empty and hollow feeling but like yourself we know that eventually that will pass, and will pass more quickly with help from your GP. Its important that you raise the depression problem with your GP as being as big a problem as the other two problems. I only suffer from depression and have only admiration for those like yourself who show that extra degree of courage to cope with physical problems as well so take an imaginery medal from me along with the hope things take a turn for the better .


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