how do i let go

for the past 3 months i have been dealing with depression and anxiety and for some strange reason i have this urge to keep running to someone who i thought was my friend i told him how i feel and he said just ring me when ever you want. and since then when ever i ring him he tells me im busy but then he goes out with other people. its a one sided friendship but i cant seem to let go. i keep texting knowing what the reply will be but i still do it and then regret it once iv sent it. i dont know how to let do i come to terms he will never be my friend.

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  • Hi you just have to write him off as a good friend you can go to with your troubles. Why not come in here and talk to us instead when you feel like this. Ok you might not get an immediate reply but it might get it off your chest and you will feel better for it.

    Why not just treat him as a casual friend and go out with him on that basis? You haven't got to be always having to tell others how you feel. If you are having a few good days try and let it go and just concentrate on having friends to hang out with. I have found when I do this I often have a good time and forget my troubles for a while which makes you feel better anyway. x

  • thank you very much for this reply makes a lot of sense. just need to remind myself not to rely on him

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