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hi i am rizzz...... i am suffering from from my anxiety and depression from last 10 years... due to my fathers unreal high expectation from me and sexually abused by cozn i completely forget the real meaning of life.... today i asked my father for some psychological help ..... his answer was change yourself with your will ....... that made so vulnerable ....... but i have a faith on myself one day everything would be change

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  • Hello there Rizzz

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  • I have had anxiety and depression for about 10 years as well unfortunately people that don't suffer from it don't really get it everything sounds so easy its a long road and if you can find the strength you have to know you are not alone I hope this site can help the both of us

  • Hi Rizzz

    Sorry to hear you are going throu such a hard time! I understand what you mean by parental expectations, I was always told I didn't try hard enough my reports were always could do better or try harder!

    I have a brother who always got straight A's in everything & constantly being told why can't you do as well as he was! he was made a prefect, my parents thought he was perfect!! What the school didn't realise was that he had a twin, non-identical, who was nothing like him! He hated school, trouble always found him, but was far more practical than his twin! I was more like him, but because the teachers didn't realise I was related to him I was always compared to my brainy brother!!

    My parents constantly criticised me in whatever I did, my Mum still does!!

    Have you though about phoning the Nspcc if you are in the Uk, relating to the abuse? I'm not sure of the organisations in other countries! They often hear from people like yourself who have been through the same as you! I can't even begin to imagine how you cope with that circumstance going round in your head daily! I would be depressed & have anxiety if I had suffered that way!

    Are you at an age where you can get help from outside your family without you parents permission? Looking online you may find support near where you live, or can you go to your Dr & ask if you can be referred to a Counsellor or support worker? Unfortunately I can only message you, but you may find organisations that can offer more specialised & specialist support! I wish I could help more! But you do need specialist help relating to the abuse! Keep messaging though, you've taken a step forward by writing your first post! But please go & talk to your Dr & find out what help or support he can provide or refer or direct you to! You have more strength in you than you think!

    Take Lots of Care & keep talking Wishing you Many Blessings & Hugs 🤗🤗🤗 spykey

  • What your father says is partly right. You can change yourself. But it is so much easier with the support of a decent family. Not one who treats you as a loser, someone to be pitied or disrespected, but as a person with as much right to live and be happy as they have. Why would a loving father want you to have to manage without this help? Well he would not. I would suggest you put it to him that he is being deliberately difficult, and that although you could manage without him, you would appreciate his help. If he refuses, then you will know that he is not the person you need to help you through this, and you will be free to look elsewhere. It will be his loss not yours. All the best.

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