I'm new to this and came across it today.I am 47 yr old man whos has suffered from depression or sadness all my life and managed to hide or control it or so I thought .Mainly it just manifested itself in other ways gambling being the main one as when I am gambling there is nothing else occupying my mind .

It came to a head 2 days ago when I took a lot of sleeping pills and hid my self away where I wouldn't be found. Unfortunately all they did was knock me out for 36 hrs str8 and here I am again. I have the support of my family and friends who have now found out what I have done and have been to E.R who sent me home to await a home visit today from a specialist. I am currently awaiting their visit and hope they can help in someway then I have to make a visit with my G.P. I don't know what is going to happen but some stories on here have given me a little hope .I have missed my work for the first time in 9 yrs and phoned them and they seem to be quite supportive all though I haven't told them why I missed it. I am hoping something happens today for me although I know there is no quick fix Hope is all I ask for and hope everyone is ok and gets to where they want to be thanks for the listening .


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  • You say you hope something happens for you today !!! I would say its already happened, you tried to end it all and thank God it didnt work ...It seems to me there is a big hint there

    There has been a lot on tv at the moment about mental health issues, it can happen to anyone from anywhere.

    I dont know why you never told anyone how things have been but its time to open up about it to your loved ones...You certainly dont have to tell everyone but the people in your life who love you need to know so they can support you and they may already be aware of it ...You have got this far on your own and i know it must have been hard but its time to do it another way now.

    There is a lot the medical profession can do with medication and/or therapy so i hope you look into that

    I hope your kind to yourself ,, far too many people beat themselves up for being ill...x x

  • Hi Stewart,

    Mandy had some very good things to say. Trust in the people close to you that you CAN trust to be your supporters. I don't recommend you tell the whole story to your workplace. Go with being ill in some manner, but not exactly what happened...that won't do anyone any good.

    You definitely need a Dr.'s help for treatment of your depression and a counselor for therapy. You can definitely climb out of this black hole you're living in and live in a much better, happier place where you enjoy life and enjoy living each day. I've done it and so can you.

    Depressed people are good at putting on a front where they seem okay to other people but they're hurting inside. It's time to get rid of that hurt. And you really can get rid of it. It's not easy and it takes time, but with medicine you can improve quickly in some ways, and with counseling you will improve in other ways. Please don't skip either one because they're both extremely important.

    If you have any questions...even little ones...ask me and I'll answer them. Maybe just about a strange feeling or something you think no one else feels or does but you. Just ask. I don't mind. You're not alone. People here are good about helping others. Take care, Stewart.

  • Best of luck Stewart!!!! X

  • Thanks for your kind words I sought help the other day and am receiving a visit from a counsellor tomorrow to discuss my issues. After that I am going to see my gp. I hope I can resolve this. My closest friend and family know and have been supportive so today I have not felt too ba . Once again thank . I will post again to let you know how it goe .

  • This is all very good news, Stewart, and it will be great to hear from you. I hope you do tell us how it all goes for you.

  • Hi stew I'm 45 year old male name Dale I was diagnosed with low mood /depression anxiety I'd never had it before then bang hit me like a brick mine was due to trying to do to much super dad partner and bread winner I was killing myself not sleeping also pressure at work bullying from management staff.i was off work for 8 months I thought about not wanting to be here when first diagnosed but never actioned it.I've been on citalopram for nearly a year now started on 30 then 20 now 10 it has helped me but initially starting then I had a few side effects but the good has outwayed the bad I still have bad days but have had cbt which did help but did lots of book reading on the condition and that help you have to re train your brain to different thoughts but you will get there.also I used to be very narrow minded and now what has happened to me has opened my eyes.wish you well on your journey.oh I've been back at work now for nearly 5 months

  • Hi just to update my initial post I had 2 health care workers visit me on friday and chatted for an hour or so but because i work away for weeks at a time they couldnt really help but am feelin a bit better now and have an appointment with my gp on monday .Unfortunately my work have been very unhelpful and have insisted on a disciplinary hearing because i missed my flight .( I work offshore) First time in 9 years i have had a day off sick and they have now insisted i am off work for 10 days unpaid while they investigate my missed flight.So now i have to see my gp on monday talk through with him then travel 200 miles on tuesday to see my bosses come home and see another doctor on wednesday to ensure i am fit to work .(not mentally just physically).So from feeling better things just seem to be getting worse but im spending time with my friend tomorrow so hopefully feel a bit better then .Sorry for the length of the post just sorta helped writing it out thnks

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