Losing it

I am normally an easy going person,I take it when people take advantage or tbh just take the "P" out of me! Well today I lost it ! a friend who is also my carer has helped me a lot today so I suggested I would get a take away (Indian) as a neighbour was also sitting here I asked if he would like to join us! He said no he had already eaten, food arrived i set it all out and was just about to start eating,now I should have said I dont like eating in front of people at the best of times and the neighbour knows this,any just as i got a mouthful neighbour says "Are you going to eat all that?"before i could answer he then says" it looks nice!" That was it I lost it went to the kitchen and dumped it in the bin ,the neighbour than says "oooh dint you like it then?" Threw my laptop across the room and roared at him "You know I dont like eating in front of people when they'renot eating I asked you if you wanted anything you said No now you have ruined my dinner and by the way for someone who has stopped smoking you sure seem to enjoy smoking mine! And helping yourself to my cigarettes when im out of the room ! Well ive had enough f**k off and dont bother me again! I now am disgusted with myself even though I know I have done and said the right thing I have definitely gone about it the wrong way! I have known my neighbour for many years and when I used to drink he used to use the same bar , he never once in all the time i have known him bought anyone a drink but accepted them all the time! He has always been "Take take take" he goes on about how he has saved so much money he has to hide it in his safety deposit box! He has never worked a day in his life! His latest is that he has cancer? I don't know whether to beleive him .Why do people like that bug me so much? Why did I react likebI did? Ifeel bad now because if he does have cancer what kind of person am I that I could not control my anger towards him? I really think I am losing it completely now!

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  • Hey there.

    By what you've said it sounds to me like it's one of those moments where various incidents have built up and you had a blow out. If it were me I'd sleep on it this evening and see how you feel in the morning, would be a shame to fall out with a friend over that.

    As for the whole always taking your cigarettes etc I've known people that have done that before ( quit and then end up smoking yours ) way I got round it was to use two packs one I'd take with me with only a couple in, the main pack in a drawer so if they ask for a smoke show them the smaller pack and say that's all you have left 😂. Sneaky but it worked

    Hope you feel better in the morning. 👍

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